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Bonnie Rose: Treacherous Roads

Once upon a time, there was a woman that was going down
a new road.
An unfamiliar road. Her friends at first, were right alongside her, cheering her on. Applauding her. Supporting her. Uplifting her. Believing in her. They were cheering her on. 

This road looked dangerous.
Almost scary.

ND roads, Feb 6, 2011

But this woman —
she believed in herself.
She had FAITH.

She took the time to listen to that still small voice deep within her soul. She wrote feverishly in her daily journals. She wrestled with so many ideas and thoughts.

She knew the road looked unfamiliar.
And she also knew some of her friends would fall away. Stop supporting her. Go on with their own lives and their own plans.

She knew she had to go down this road

And make her own decisions.

ND roads, Feb 6, 2011

And despite the disappointment she felt, knowing those friends were no longer beside her, she pressed on. She pressed on. She gained more faith in herself daily. She grew stronger.She started to believe in herself even MORE.
She walked down that dangerous road with more purpose, with more tenacity than ever before. 

She recognized the people along the way that were only there to sabotage her plans. Inside deeply, if they were to stop and think, they wanted her to fail. They wanted her to not succeed, for it would make themselves look better. These people would indirectly try to thwart her determination, they would try to rain on her parade. These people would try to squash her dreams.

As she walked on the dangerous road past them, all she could do was walk by and smile. Just smile. These people were once her friends and now, were becoming part of her distant past.

This woman grew stronger.
She recognized those people in her life that truly had value.
Lasting value.

The people that were still there, cheering her on and helping her along this dangerous road.
This unfamiliar road.

ND roads, Feb 6, 2011

At times, she couldn’t see what was to come, but these friends —
they held her hand, and assured her that THIS is where she should be traveling.

So she pressed on.
She pressed on.

ND roads, Feb 6, 2011

They gave her even more FAITH.
They truly believed in all she had to offer the world.

They saw the value of her person.
And they celebrated it.
They celebrated her.


And this woman?
What did she learn?

She learned to follow her own path, her own road, no matter how scary it looked. For she knew she had good friends and people in her life, that would be there if she fell down. If she took a wrong turn. And these same people would be there for her when she reached her destination. They believed in her. They so believed in all she could be.


This woman learned to press on.
And believe in the woman
she was becoming.


[Crossposted from A Life Unrehearsed]

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  1. Wow this is a powerful story and DARE I SAY many persons’ story of new beginnings-BRAVO for your courage!

    February 24, 2011

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