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Creative Medicine

In my personal life and my work as a creativity coach, I use a broad brush in defining “creative.” Creativity is about using your mind and your body to make something that speaks to who you are — and perhaps speaks to others as well. That might be an exquisite painting, but it might also be a garden bed, an inspired business plan, a system for organizing your files, a lovingly prepared stew, or refinishing a bureau. The pure act of creating can apply to most anything that gets you in the zone, helps make sense of this crazy thing called life, and expresses something that might otherwise not be articulated.

My endearing friend Jane is a highly creative person. Her home, her lifestyle, the choices she makes for her family — each step seems grounded in the purposeful creation of a life. Careful readers of this blog’s Monday Post will remember “immunity kit” appearing on jlcm’s weekly goals list over recent months. I was a very lucky recipient of one of these immunity kits. The contents are so precious that I wanted to horde them for when I was really in need. Some of this medicine takes six weeks to brew — and the ingredients aren’t always easy for Jane to get — so when might I ever be able to get my hands on a refill? And then the Stomach Bug came to our house. Like taking the plastic furniture covers off of the “good” furniture in preparation for a visit from royalty, it was time to open the immunity kit.

Whether it was Jane’s Elderberry Rosehip Syrup, her Echinacea Tincture, or her artisan herbal teas, I don’t know — but I do know that I didn’t get the Stomach Bug. I did get a milder version of the sinus congestion that my family is sharing right now, but when I take a few doses of Jane’s medicine along with a big mug of her Nourish Tea (made in the French press, which works so well with loose tea), I feel like a million bucks. Seriously, this is the best herbal tea I have ever tasted, and — as you can see above — it’s a feast for the eyes. With her own creativity, Jane is not only keeping me healthier, but she’s helping me to be more creative by maintaining my bandwidth!

I raise my mug to you, Jane, in honor of your creativity, your generous heart, and your beautiful gift.


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  1. Ellie #

    How can I find out more about your work as a creativity coach? I’m intrigued!

    January 28, 2012
  2. that sounds great! i used to put together my own herbal remedies years ago, i miss do so, but mostly miss having the wherewithal/time/space for it….

    January 28, 2012

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