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Open House

Due to a terrible worm, my computer has gone kaflooey this week, so in lieu of a full reading list to while away your weekend with a scone and screen, you just have to peek at a few and find a way to fill your weekend with other things…maybe you’ll find inspiration in the blogs below.  Enjoy!

  1. Elizabeth Beck embodies the art of procrastination at its finest – and take a peek at the week’s posts prior to this one to really get a sense of how productive procrastination can be.
  2. Bethany Hiitola finds inspiration for independence in her little girl.
  3. Kate Hopper waits and a miracle happens.
  4. Georgia Geis knows nothing beats those three magic words (not please and thank you, the other magic words).
  5. Mary Gernamotta Duquette pulls a Homer Simpson in a writerly fashion, doh!
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  1. Cathy, thanks for including me! It truly WAS a Homer Simpson move.

    Oh, why can’t life have an undo button…?

    May 9, 2009

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