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Open House

Another week, and time to get this resting puppy back on its feet! I feel for Miranda’s need to give herself a rest. So I hope she breaks out her cup of coffee, or Mother’s Milk herbal tea and relaxes to the music that is the blogs of creative women. And that you do, too! Enjoy!

  1. Liz Hum has gone a noveling and is excited it grows bigger bones.
  2. Elizabeth Beck overhauls her studio and admits she has a problem.
  3. Jennifer Johnson’s husband has hijacked her blog to show that poetry is in the genes.
  4. Kelly Warren is back on the market.
  5. Karen Winters is grateful she only lost some paintings in a tragic accident.
  6. Mary Duquette fights against the rising tide and wins.
  7. Brittany Vandeputte continues her war with disease while keeping pace with her renovation.
  8. Bec Thomas courts creative copyright laws.
  9. Lisa Damian’s writer retreat feels indulgent, but she makes it work for her by producing.
  10. Amy Grennell is making the most of of her shortened creative hour.
  11. Kate Hopper announces her toddler haiku contest winner and shares her favorite top seven (warning: lots of poopku).
  12. Carmen Torbus dreams big, feels vulnerable when dreams start to come true.

So, enjoy a lucky 13 blogs (and one more for luck, as I tapped 2 of Liz’s) with your morning cup of preference. Maybe it’s enough to last you through the holiday weekend.

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  1. Thanks Cathy! I need to jump back on this train and do some writing! Look for something from me soon!

    April 10, 2009
  2. Liz #

    Yey Cathy! Thanks for keeping the open house alive!

    April 10, 2009
  3. well done, cathy!
    i SO appreciate you …. now, off to read the happiness ….

    April 10, 2009
  4. Thx Cathy, I take the copyright issue very seriously and hope that better education on the topic will slow down some of the infringement problems.

    April 10, 2009
  5. Cathy #

    bec, i do, too, so i really appreciate you pointing out the law and spreading the word!

    aw, thanks, elizabeth, of course! your blog is always a pleasure an a fount to read peruse!

    liz, i’m very excited about your new work! (i should be so about my own, ehem)

    carmen, i don’t stop by yours enough – anything you write that you feel like cross posting here, is always welcome.

    April 10, 2009
  6. Jen #

    thank you, cathy! so nice to get the round-up on folks! off to read….

    April 10, 2009

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