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Open House

Happy equinox, everybody! (This translates to “happy spring” for everyone in the Northern Hemisphere. We do have a few Aussie readers and I wouldn’t want to annoy them with my hemi-centrism.)

Here’s the latest in interesting news and notes from the personal blogs of Creative Construction community members.

    1. Jen Johnson is working on her smile. To that end, she made her own list of 100 Happies (nod to Cathy Coley).
    2. Kelly Warren opened a new etsy shop for her photography.
    3. Carmen Torbus made a commuting video tribute to some of her favorite artists.
    4. Leslie F. Miller became a superhero at the Hero Factory.
    5. Marsanne Petty entered a 99-words-or-fewer story in the GardenRant Short Fiction Contest.
    6. Amy Grennell opened an artfire shop.
    7. Alana Kirk-Gillham thinks about moving to her new — separate — creative space.

      Have a lovely weekend!

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      1. Love it. Thanks. I’m going out to walk fancy right now.

        March 20, 2009
      2. cathy #

        thanks for mentioning, but i’d like to remind everyone that elizabeth beck was the source of my inspiration….

        March 22, 2009
      3. Thanks for the shout out!!!

        March 24, 2009

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