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Betsy: Pitches/submissions wanted for my blogazine

Hi. I’m really happy with how my new blogazine, The BetsyG-Spot, is coming along. I’ve gotten great feedback on the quality of the essays, and I’ve published one wonderful essay by another writer, with another in the queue.

I welcome your pitches/submissions for my site. While I am not currently paying writers, the more readership the site builds the more likely I will be to pay writers in the future.

I take pitches for the Sex in the Suburbs feature. I recommend that you read what’s there already and also take a look at my Submissions page. As you’ll see, I don’t take stories about marital bliss (though I am really happy for you if you have that!), so if you are interested in writing something, dig deep and go somewhere you might not ordinarily go when you think about relationships. The subject doesn’t have to be dark—in fact, I really favor humor—but it does need to be personal and go somewhere unexpected.

The Wheel of Fortune feature is a bit more flexible, and I am willing to look at submissions of any length for it. Topics include Weird Things that Happen (an informal vignette is welcome here from any reader), Mind and Body, Media (reviews, points of view), Getting On (ack…this is really about aging), Nostalgia, and Random…with more topics to come. Really, humor should be at the fore, but a really great, true story or essay about something on the poignant end is also welcome.

In any case, I hope you’ll give it a read and pass it on to others you think might like this type of content. Growing a blog turns out to be a lot of work!

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