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MacGyver Challenge: Clothes hangers

If you really want to stretch your creative powers into uncharted territory, consider ReadyMade magazine’s MacGyver Challenge. The idea is to turn something old and unwanted into something new and possibly useful, as in the MacGyver Luggage Challenge. For the new contest:

Hangers, no matter how dutifully we purge them, tend to multiply. Drawn to the dark corners of our closets (their favorite breeding ground), all sorts of species rapidly accumulate: gussied-up wire varieties clad in cardboard tubes and paper, molded plastic types in a rainbow of hues, wood-and-metal hybrids adorned with clips and hooks. Then they lurk, huddled at the end of the hanging bar in a tangled assemblage of triangular frames. Pending the future development of magical stasis-field closets, the influx will surely continue. What else can we do with them? The starchiest solution (made from any type of clothes hanger—the “no wire hangers, ever!” rule does not apply) wins a subscription and a ReadyMade T-shirt. {Deadline: July 21, 2008}

It turns out that some creatives — O Magazine included — are already using old pants hangers to display photographs.

Contest submission details here. I’m curious to see the results!

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