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Find Your Voice, Change the World (Giveaway!)

We’re celebrating the launch of Moods of Motherhood by giving away three copies! Enjoy this beautiful guest post from author Lucy Pearce – and leave a comment below in order to enter our giveaway contest. Three winners will be selected at 10:00 pm eastern time Saturday, December 6, 2014. Good luck!

As a new mother I was told how I felt.
Or rather, how I should feel.

Lucy PearceI wasn’t expected to be creative. Instead I was told what to do, in often entirely contradictory missives, from elders and professionals, and to do it well for the fear of what if. The motherland was a strange new territory. I felt myself lost and at sea. Uneasy in my own skin. I didn’t belong here.

I knew what a mother was supposed to be like, and spent many years trying to fit myself into this mold. But it was always an uncomfortable squeeze. Too many hard edges for my squishy body and big feelings. There wasn’t enough space for the “me” that I was in the mold that was motherhood. There were too many should and oughts constricting me. I was always too opinionated, too messy, too self-centered, too introverted, too overwhelmed…too contradictory. I was too much…or not enough.

As I could see it two ways lay ahead – keep it in – which is what mothers are supposed to do – martyr themselves to motherhood.

Or let it out.

Moods of MotherhoodLet it consume me…or let my roller-coaster of deep contradictory feelings find form and expression to ignite a fire that might light the way for others in the same position.

And so emerged my creative renaissance: painting, writing, blogging, crafting, editing, and every other form of self-expression I could find. It was entirely fueled by the intensity of motherhood – the tumult of love, joy, despair, grief, exhaustion, feelings of failure and glory, depression, and elation that filled my days and that I could find no other way of voicing.

For generations women have been shut down, and shut up. All that was required was the illusion of the perfect wife, the all-loving mother, the angel of the house. Not her inner reality. Simply a pleasant veneer which glossed over the contradictions, appetites, desires, heart breaks, yearnings, exhaustion and confusion of a woman’s inner life.

But things are shifting and changing. The veil of silence is lifting. As women’s voices, lives, emotions, creativity are being seen en masse for perhaps the first time in humanity, expressing the inner worlds which for so long have been hidden.

Moods of MotherhoodAnd from these broken places, these hidden places, from the darkness a new light shines – one of truth, of a more vibrant reality. These models of self-expression act as beacons for other women who had not fully seen or felt or dared voice their own inner worlds, suddenly find themselves seen and heard, often for the first time. And they in turn begin growing into their own skins a little more, filling their own forms, finding self-expression.

It is the end of an ice age, where women have been frozen, stunted, silenced, are beginning to thaw – their innate creativity blooming in the new warmth. Where will it lead us? What impact will it have on the next generation who are growing up in this new era? Only time will tell. But silence and shame are being cast aside. And surely we will all benefit.

Lucy H. Pearce

Lucy’s most recent book, Moods of Motherhood: The Inner Journey of Mothering charts the inner journey of motherhood, giving voice to the often nebulous, unspoken tumble of emotions that motherhood evokes: tenderness, frustration, joy, grief, anger, depression and love. She explores the taboo subjects of maternal ambiguity, competitiveness, and the quest for perfection, offering support, acceptance, and hope to mothers everywhere. This is a book full of Lucy’s trademark searing honesty and raw emotions, which have brought such a global following of mothers to her work. Click here and Lucy will send you a FREE SAMPLE right away!

Lucy is the author of four life-changing non-fiction books for women including the #1 Amazon bestsellers: The Rainbow Way: Cultivating Creativity in the Midst of Motherhood and Moon Time: A Guide to Celebrating Your Menstrual Cycle.

Former co-editor of JUNO magazine, she is the founder of Womancraft Publishing, which publishes transformational books by women, for women. She is passionate about sharing empowering women’s resources on The Happy She blogs on creativity, mindfulness, motherhood, and world changing over on Dreaming

Lucy: Cultivating Creativity in the Midst of Motherhood

Editor’s note: In the fall issue of The Creative Times, I previewed The Rainbow Way by Lucy H. Pearce, a positive, nurturing, practical book that will help you unlock your creative potential within the constraints of motherhood. I was glad to provide Lucy with advance praise for her work — and invited Lucy to share her story with the Studio Mothers audience, as I know you will relate. *In celebration, we’re giving away two free e-books! To enter, leave a comment below before 5:00 pm eastern time on November 15, 2013.* And don’t miss Lucy’s invitation to join her blogging carnival of creative women!

Lucy PearceMany of us dream of becoming writers, or artists, or dancers. And then, one day, when babies come along, whether by accident or design, out go the books or paintings with the baby’s bath water — whether through busyness, lack of support, or the misguided belief that we should now dedicate ourselves entirely to our children.

I know. Because it happened to me.

There I was in No-Woman’s Land. Tattered creative dreams in one hand. Children in the other. With little support and no way of knowing how to move forward, how to reclaim my lost self and dreams.

Over the years I have created a new dream for myself: that of the creative mother — writer, artist, editor, and entrepreneur. Out of necessity and a need for sanity. Sometimes the balance has tipped further towards motherhood, at other times creativity. But both elements have been constants in my life. No matter how tired, how overwhelmed, I was never willing to relinquish either my almost-fulltime mothering role, or my creative work. It has been an adventure, and one for which I had few real-life role models.

When I first started out in motherhood, I kept comparing myself to other women who seemed content in their role as stay-at-home mothers, and concluded that I must be doing it wrong. I was happy and recharged when I had my creative time; impatient and mean when I didn’t. But this need, this urge, was not a whim. It would not go away. And so I learned, little by little, to honor it and build my life around it.

The Rainbow WayAt the time I thought I was the only one feeling this way. But in researching my book, and talking to other mothers, I found I was not alone. We are not celebrated by our society. But we are here, wiping little bottoms and writing poetry. Making sculpture and breastfeeding. Writing books late at night and on the bottom of shopping lists. We are here. And we matter.

I wrote The Rainbow Way: Cultivating Creativity in the Midst of Motherhood for myself, for the mother I had been, and all the creative mothers who contact me every week feeling stuck and unsure, lost and confused about how to be both mothers and creative souls in this busy modern world. It came to me and demanded to be written. And so I scribbled notes on any piece of paper I had on hand, wherever I was, in doctor’s offices, car parks, and at the kitchen table. Read more

An Extraordinary Giveaway: The Artist’s Way and Beyond Teleclass

Zohar Tirosh-PolkI’m so excited to bring you this amazing giveaway: a free spot in The Artist’s Way and Beyond, a 12-week teleclass led by the award-winning playwright (and my fellow creativity coach) Zohar Tirosh-Polk. This giveaway is a $200 value! If you’ve always wanted to do The Artist’s Way, or have done it before and are ready to do it again, Zohar (familiarly known as Zoe) will be your personal guide during the 12-week program, which begins February 13. The teleclass will be held on Wednesdays from 1:00 to 2:00 pm eastern (except for the initial class, which may run up to 90 minutes).

The Artist's WayJulia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way is often hailed as the “Artist’s bible,” with tools like morning pages and artist dates now used by millions across the world. The Artist’s Way offers a foundational and spiritual path to accessing your creativity and moving toward achieving your innermost artistic dreams and aspirations. I asked Zoe to share a little bit about what inspired her to offer this teleclass.

What prompted you to create a teleclass from The Artist’s Way?
I’m working on two big creative projects right now and I needed to return to The Artist’s Way myself. I know The Artist’s Way is such a powerful way to reconnect with my own creativity. Having gone through it many times, it has become my artist’s bible of sorts, an anchor. It’s the thing I go back to again and again to find inspiration, hope, and the tools that help me keep going. I also know that creating a community of creative souls/artists is such a potent experience. It allows everyone to be accountable, inspire one another, keep using the tools, and stay on track with our creative projects. Lastly, I hear so many people say, “Oh yes, I want to do The Artist’s Way again,” or “I should read it” and I wanted to create an opportunity for those people to do just that.

Why do you think The Artist’s Way has become such a phenomenon?
Because it works! 🙂 The Artist’s Way addresses the practical, emotional, and spiritual challenges of being an artist/creative soul and offers tangible and brilliant solutions to these challenges. I re-read Julia Cameron’s introduction recently and it was incredible to be reminded about how it all happened. She first heard about a painter-friend who started painting as a result of the work he did with her, and then there was a class, then a packet of handouts, and then a book, which has now sold millions of copies worldwide. Artists all over the world gained access to their creativity and and dancers went back to dancing, photographers got shows, writers wrote novels, actors began acting all over the world. It’s really amazing to think about.

As a creativity coach, what do you most want your students to gain from this teleclass?
I want them to have renewed faith their creativity, be well on their way in working on a project, and have a concrete plan to keep them going. This is where the “Beyond” part comes in. Every participant will have to create a vision for their work. Through coaching, exercises, careful planning, and accountability tools, everyone will complete the class working toward that vision. It’s exciting!

Space is limited. To claim a spot now, register at

To win a free spot in this teleclass, simply post a comment below. Our winner will be selected at random on Friday, February 8, at 9:00 pm eastern. Good luck!

Giveaway: Simplicity Parenting e-course

Oh, this one’s hard to resist. Have you been feeling like there must be a way for parenting can be more fun, peaceful, and less overwhelming?

Simplicity Parenting

Are you wishing for simpler times as the world seems to speed up and encourage us to cram more stuff into our lives? Wanting to find time to connect with loved ones competing with an influx of activities, screen time, and outside commitments? Daydreaming about having the support to implement simple but effective changes to your family’s rhythm and flow?

These are the reasons why Kathy Stowell decided to get certified as a Simplicity Parenting Workshop Leader. Kathy writes: “After reading the book Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne, I realized that my desire for a slower childhood for my kids is a normal, healthy mama-bear instinct reaction to the hectic, materialistic culture we find ourselves raising our children in today.”

Kathy is excited to offer this four week e-course centered on the principles behind Simplicity Parenting. With much support, she walks you through simplifying your home life by touching upon these realms throughout the month of June; environment (clutter), rhythm and scheduling (activities, pauses), adult content (media), and tending to soul fever (meltdowns).

The class will be held via videos and blog posts in a password protected blog with discussions held in a private forum as well as an optional weekly conference call that will be recorded for later listening at your convenience. And with this held space, small steps will be taken toward your vision of a peaceful family flow in attune with your consciously crafted values and ideals.

The course runs from June 1 through June 29, 2012. To learn more, click here.

To enter our giveaway, leave a comment on this post with a note about any steps toward simplification you’ve recently taken or would like to take! How would you like to see your family life simplified? The drawing will be held on Wednesday, May 30, at 8:00 pm eastern time. Good luck!


Jodi: Would you like your own spot in Spirited Reiki I?

What is Reiki? And why would you want a spot in my new e-course?

Where do I begin?

Reiki is an ancient spiritual way of channeling healing energy. It is safe, gentle, and can be learned by anyone. It can best be described as a holistic way to balance, heal, and harmonize your mind, body, and spirit. It is, for me, a way of life. It can be for you also.

Once you are attuned to Reiki you will experience a greater sense of inner peace and well-being. You will feel a sense of connection to the Universe and to those around you like never before. You will also become a healer.

Spirited Reiki Level I also has a twist on it! I am a Holistic Health Practitioner and a Certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach. What this means is that I have created a way of learning traditional Usui Reiki and exploring your inner creative spirit — all at the same time! I have been enjoying Reiki for close to 10 years now and if I’ve learned anything, it’s that Reiki starts inside us. If we are at our best, then the Reiki flows at its best!

Spirited Reiki I teaches you the history and theory of Reiki while you paint, write poetry, take a hike, or eat a cupcake! You will also be invited to join my private Facebook group where we will share and experience Reiki together for 30 days.

If you are feeling butterflies in your stomach because you know that this is something you’d like to do, please enter to win a spot — the FB group opens April 23 and attunements will begin shortly after.

One lucky recipient will receive:

*A long distance Level I attunement in traditional Usui Reiki*

*A 79-page printable manual*

*Within this manual is a “30 Days to Self-Healing Journal” that is full of inspiring messages, art and journalling prompts, healthy recipes, affirmations, photography prompts, and so much more!*

*Access to the Spirited Reiki Private Facebook group where you will connect with your fellow Reiki students and where we will further discuss the Principles of Reiki, hand positions, resources, the use of crystals, your creativity and so much more!*

*FB group will open April 23rd so that we can all connect before the attunements begin! Your invitation to the group will arrive on the 22nd (if you’ve already registered) or within 24 hours if after that.

*My guidance and support for the entire 30 days*

*A Certificate of Completion mailed to your home*

***In order to enter, simply leave a comment on this blog post! The winner will be chosen at 8:00 pm eastern on Sunday, April 22, 2012!***

Jodi Lebrun

Giveaway! Bliss and Soulful Mothering e-book/audio

Last week at Studio Mothers you met Kathy Stowell, the homeschooling, simplicity parenting mother of two little ones who blogs at Bliss Beyond Naptime. I’ve so enjoyed getting to know Kathy over the interwebs and on the phone. She is truly an authentic, deeply creative soul who is dedicated to a life of simplicity, creativity, and presence. I’m always inspired by women who are so clear about the path they want to follow — and walk the talk, with all its challenges and rewards.

Kathy recently released the e-book and audio recording The Bliss Filled Mama: Self-Care for Soulful Mothering. I’m delighted to offer a free copy of this magical resource (e-book AND audio file) to a Studio Mothers reader! Simply leave a comment on this post and you’ll be entered to win. You have until 5:00 p.m. eastern time on Friday, February 17, 2012, to enter.

In The Bliss Filled Mama: Self-Care for Soulful Mothering, Kathy shares the strategies and practices that help pull her through the “delicate dance of being a loving, present mother who also has the time and energy to tend to her creative spirit and life calling.” These are the basic self-care approaches Kathy swears by that help make every day an opportunity to keep her needs front and center while “ensuring my genetic makeup flourishes, happily, for generations to come.” And because being a busy mama can make it tricky to sit down and read a whole e-book, Kathy recorded herself “whispering these sweet somethings into your ear.”

The Bliss Filled Mama offers over 10,000 words of insight into:

  • Kathy’s approach to optimum health
  • Simple yet saucy mama style
  • Ladies’ night ideas to maintain your precious friendships
  • Ways to garner your partner’s support in your bliss quest
  • Protecting your boundaries
  • Housekeeping; simplicity style
  • Exploring and pinpointing the joys in your life
  • Carving out pockets of time to indulge in these joys
  • Kathy’s own parenting philosophy that accommodates more mama bliss

If you aren’t the winner of the e-book/audio package, you can purchase it here for $14 USD.

Good luck, creative mamas!


Giveaway: Join me at the wishBIG e-camp!

I’m *delighted* to be part of the teaching roster at the wishBIG ecamp this month!

To celebrate, I’m giving away a spot by the campfire to one lucky winner.

This fabulous online course is structured like no other, thanks to the creative genius of Mindy Tsonas at wishstudio. Wherever you live, the wishBIG ecamp allows you to connect with other creatives and get your 2012 mojo going strong.

February 19 – 26, 2012
Online – eight 2-hour workshops (self-paced)
Free for wishstudio members ($86 for non-members)

It’s time to gather round the creative fire!

Your week at ecamp includes:

  • Eight (2-hour) online creative living workshops from a host of fabulously inspiring Camp Counselors, each bringing their own special talent and insight to help you wishBIG, createBIG and liveBIG! In addition to myself, your instructors include Connie HozvickaVivienne Mc MasterChris ZydelAmy PalkoJenna McGuigganStacy De La Rosa, and Rachel Awes.
  • Daily ecamp mail! Inspiration Postcards (sent via e-mail) created especially for YOU by our talented teachers for a little extra creative spark, each day of camp.
  • Evening campfire gatherings designed specially for the group and the work at hand! These fun and inspirational nightly gatherings are created from what comes up specifically for us as a group. Mindy tunes into the thoughts and activity of each day and thoughtfully carves out space for a relevant community discussion. These tend to be intimate, powerful and wonderfully connective whether you sit in the circle quietly or dive deeply into the conversation.
  • Supportive kindred community with our own private group for sharing thoughts and work throughout your camp experience, as well as individual support and cheering from each of our ecamp Counselors within their workshop and beyond.
  • An easy, go-at-your-own-pace format that allows you to work through the workshops in a way that best meets your needs. All classes will be available online for one month, and are self paced.

My own course is A Life of Intention: Your Map for the Next 12 Months (Thursday, 2/23). In this workshop, you’ll create an empowered and inspired map for the next 12 months that moves you toward your longer-term goals. This process involves naming your intentions, gathering your assets, and making your map. It’s a dose of inspiration and clarity!

Won’t you join us? For more details and to register, click here. Meanwhile, if you’d like to be entered in a drawing to win a spot, leave a comment at this post before Friday, February 3 at 5:00 pm eastern time. Good luck!


And the winner is….

The winner of the first-ever Studio Mothers giveaway is Robin Norgren! Our highly unscientific drawing went like this: I walked into the family room and told my husband to pick a number from 1 to 14. He thought for a moment, stated a number, then stopped and revised his choice to number 8. (I was kind of surprised that he went along with my command without first asking me WHY I wanted him to select a number, but anyway.) Congratulations, Robin! I’ll pass along the relevant info for your free registration. Class begins in two weeks!

Thanks to everyone who entered. If anyone (aside from myself) is going to register the old-fashioned way, please post a comment here to let us know 🙂

The First-Ever Studio Mothers Giveaway!

And now for something completely different. The very first Studio Mothers giveaway!

Studio Mothers is — and will remain — an ad-free blog. But when Mindy at WishStudio (a beautiful resource mentioned at Studio Mothers in these posts) sent me an e-mail about a new online course she was offering, I started doing cartwheels. I signed up for the class immediately, and am thrilled to offer a free giveaway slot to the Studio Mothers community.

As creative mothers, we benefit from blending the lines between creativity and motherhood. Especially when our children are young and finding time for solo creativity is a scientifically proven impossibility often a challenge, keeping the creative flames alive by being creative with our children is often a surprisingly satisfying interim strategy. Even for me — a writer — I find that making something artful with my children keeps me from feeling like I’ve abandoned my creative self, even if I haven’t actually written anything for weeks or months.

Enter Wish Play Create, a 5-week online art playgroup with fabulous guest teachers: Tracey Clark, Stephanie Lee, Pixie Campbell, Mindy Tsonas, and Shona Cole (who’s book The Artistic Mother will be quite familiar to regular visitors of the Studio Mothers Facebook page). The course begins on August 30, and I’ll be blogging about the process at Studio Mothers. It would be great fun to have friends from the Studio Mothers community join me! The course description:

online – 5 weeks {$48}

this fall, carve out some juicy creative time for you and your little ones…join our mom and child online art playgroup! every monday, a new 1 hour project will be presented by a fabulous guest teacher encouraging you to play and create in a variety of different mediums throughout the weeks. our virtual open studio allows you to work from home, at your own pace, and when it’s most convenient for you. along with all the artsy fun you’ll enjoy connecting with other moms and sharing your work and creative time in our private playgroup flickr pool. all projects are designed to be inspiring and engaging for both mom and child – this is not simply just for kids! supply lists will be provided in advance for you to gather everything you’ll need for each project. once you register, your email confirmation will be sent to you within the following day.

Click here for the schedule of workshops and registration.

So, how to win a free spot for yourself and your kid(s)? Simply post a comment below. On Monday, August 16, Studio Mothers will randomly select one respondent for the free spot. Good luck!

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