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Posts tagged ‘character development’

Cathy: Eureka!

I finally really figured out one major thing that has been holding me up in finishing this manuscript. But today, I wrote a good lead up to what I’m avoiding. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll be able to face the page that is why I started writing this book in 2004. I just can’t do it today, I’m shaking from the emotion of it.

I love my main character like he’s one of my own kids. The book is primarily about his getting bullied, but so far I have managed to avoid his actually getting hurt in a fight with the kid who has been threatening him since page one. Now, I have him ready to face the bully and the bully angry enough to do what has been coming for 90 odd pages. But I am not emotionally prepared to place the fist in the face of a character I love so much. However, because I need to resolve it, and quickly, before it keeps me awake nights with worry, I have determined, that I will in fact write it tomorrow. Today, I’m just too close.

Jenny: Character Interviews

I’m just wondering who does them and if you find it helps pull your characters together, or are your characters kept inside your head until they appear in your story? How detailed do you get with each one? Does it help you keep the facts straight as you go along so Uncle Bob doesn’t turn into Uncle Ben halfway into a chapter?

I just did one last night and I was surprised at some of the things my character felt, said, and things he/she did in the past. It got me wondering how common it is for others to do the character interview.

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