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Getting Real About Real Estate

Isiah_Connor_familyGuys! Over the past few months I’ve been collaborating on a special project that I’m thrilled to share with you.

When my friends Shannon Morgan and Terri Kaminski decided to reinvent real-estate marketing, they went all in. The result is not a yawner of promotion but rather the in-depth sharing of our community: Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Now brokers at Charter Real Estate, the Mo-Minski Team at Charter Real Estate publishes meaningful stories of those who live and work on Bainbridge Island and surrounding communities, and I’m proud to be one of our storytellers. We’re writing authentic stories that include struggle and sometimes heartbreak, with an eye on promoting diversity and inclusion. Woven among these inspiring profiles are useful posts (and gorgeous, original photography) on bringing more beauty into your life through design, food, art, music, health — you name it — all written by local practitioners.

Our website content is growing daily and the response thus far has been overwhelmingly positive. To introduce you to the project, I’m sharing the piece I wrote on Isiah Connor, an icon in the making. Coincidentally, although I met Isiah here on the West Coast, he grew up in Ayer, MA (right next door to my former home town of Groton, MA), and is the same age as my oldest son (28), which means that we probably crossed paths once or twice a decade or so ago. I love synergies like that.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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