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Success Strategies for Growing Creativity: Free Tele-Summit this Friday!

Hey, creatives! How about a dose of inspiration this Friday? I’m the closing act at the Creativity Coaching Association’s special one-day Creativity Coaching Tele-Summit: “Catch the Creativity Wave: Success Strategies for Growing Creativity!” Listen to one or all five of the live talks — it’s all free on May 8, 2015! Details here. My session is:

Free Creativity Tele-SummitBuilding a Real-Life Creative Practice

It’s the ultimate creative dream: The days stretch before you in a glorious string, ripe with creative opportunity because you have nothing else to do and nowhere else to be. No job, no kids, no partner, no responsibilities — just you and your creative work. But then, of course, we wake up. For most of us, the best we can do is shoehorn creative practice into an overflowing life. How do we do that, exactly? And is struggling to maintain a regular creative practice always a good idea? Let’s look at navigating creative work when life is full of competing demands.

 I hope you’ll join us!


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