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Meme of the Week


As found here. Happy Friday.


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  1. Maureen #

    thanks for this, I found myself thinking what could I change daily? I came up with smiling when I wake and saying good morning my precious life! or change how I do coffee or walk or when I look at to do list. I also thought I don’t have to do any thing- change is coming no matter what. But I think this has to do with steering. choosing a daily change that will steer one toward wellness and creativity. now off to change…

    March 20, 2015
    • Any more thoughts on this, Maureen? I’m pretty sure that for me a key change is resuming my early-morning practice time. If there are any secret keys to life (for me), that’s surely where they lie.

      March 24, 2015
  2. So true!

    March 20, 2015
  3. sO very tRue!

    March 20, 2015
  4. This meme really speaks to what is currently taking place in my life at the moment for the last number of weeks and months I’ve been trying to prepare for this new bundle of joy on the way, looking for jobs that I can do from home focusing all of my attention on the writing section of craigslist it was only after changing my routine to take a sample look at what was under part time work that I was also able to find a job as a work from home virtual assistant. Thanks to that minor change I can now make a big one in my families financial position.

    March 20, 2015
    • Congratulations on both counts, Leeann! Fabulous news!

      March 24, 2015

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