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Meme of the Week

Colleen Sgroi art quote

As found here. Happy Friday.


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  1. Thanks for using my Art….Honor!

    May 2, 2014
  2. maureen #

    love this, I immediately wanted to add “so that our spirits may” -heal, then others words came to mind, like soar, open and expand and communicate. what a nice point of departure that piece of art is! thanks for igniting my brain!

    May 3, 2014
  3. Your blog is so inspiring…great for all of us Moms. I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! To see the rules, visit

    May 4, 2014
  4. Reblogged this on interalleyah and commented:
    What a pleasure to read you.

    May 5, 2014
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    May 22, 2014
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    October 27, 2014

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