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Your Creative Intentions: The Monday Post ~ March 10, 2014

Joseph Campbell quote

A regular creative practice — a daily practice, if possible — is key to staying in touch with how you make meaning. Key to living, not postponing. (Let’s all agree to give up on “someday.”)

What are your plans for creative practice this week? Given the specifics of your schedule, decide on a realistic intention or practice plan — and ink that time in your calendar. The scheduling part is important, because as you know, if you try to “fit it in” around the edges, it generally won’t happen. An intention as simple as “I will write for 20 minutes every morning after breakfast” or “I will sketch a new still life on Wednesday evening” is what it’s all about. If appropriate, use time estimates to containerize your task, which can make a daunting project feel more accessible.

Share your intentions or goals as a comment to this post, and let us know how things went with your creative plans for last week, if you posted to last week’s Monday Post. We use a broad brush in defining creativity, so don’t be shy. We also often include well-being practices that support creativity, such as exercise and journaling.

Putting your intentions on “paper” helps you get clear on what you want to do — and sharing those intentions with this community leverages the motivation of an accountability group. Join us!


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  1. I intend to start a new pencil portrait as a surprise present – Mother & Son – even though I don’t have a good reference photo and will have to compose a composite!

    March 10, 2014
  2. Experiencing a deep catharsis in emptying my attic of all of the “stuff” I’ve collected over four decades of living — and editing and organizing the ephemera of life with five children. There’s nothing like it. In some way, this process seems to be feeding my creative self.

    Last week’s creative/well-being intentions:
    * Daily sitting [spotty]
    * Daily morning centering practice w/Morning Pages & intention journaling [yes]
    * Daily reading [not daily]
    * Project Life update [yes]

    This week’s creative/well-being intentions:
    * Daily sitting
    * Daily morning centering practice w/Morning Pages & intention journaling
    * Daily reading
    * Project Life update [Thurs]

    March 10, 2014
  3. Love it. I agree, you’ve got to plan, prepare and schedule it out or it won’t happen!
    For me this week–
    daily drawing every morning
    Tu-Fr minimum one hour ‘studio time’
    couch to 5K every other day this week
    Read each evening

    March 10, 2014
    • Terrific plan, Crystal — I love how you’ve assigned a time “container” for each intention 🙂

      March 12, 2014
  4. maureen #

    * i intend to do 10 – 20 minutes a day clearing studio for preparation to paint by Wednesday morning at 8:30am.
    *read book for mother daughter book club
    *paper piece a few hearts for collaborative church raffle quilt
    *daily riding of excersize bike while watching netflix
    *actually open up box of plastic matt sleeves that came in the mail wks ago
    *matt a few prints to sell, package and send off to a beach art center shop
    Hurrahs- book was released that I am in with 20 some others artists and writers called “Extraodinary Gifts” put out by Philadelphia Stories. my art was featured paying homage to a conservationalist Dorothy P. Miller

    March 10, 2014
    • Nice, Maureen! I hope you’re having a great week.

      March 12, 2014
  5. Great post! I resonate with the daily practice and have commitment to paint each day. Goal of 4 hours and I let myself be flexible with that.

    March 10, 2014
    • Thanks, cmartzloff! How is your week going?

      March 12, 2014
  6. Kris #

    I’m setting aside a couple of nights for writing (in the still of a quiet house, without the distractions of the every day) and work on posts promised and pitched. And these things, too:
    – 5 minutes of silence, somewhere in the day
    – read something I love and enjoy each night
    – walk outside every day

    March 10, 2014
    • Lovely, Kris — I especially appreciate your bullet list 🙂

      March 12, 2014

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