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Monday Post ~ September 19, 2011

“Billions of people fool themselves every day — we do not want to number ourselves among that multitude. We want to do what’s necessary, what our work requires, what our heart and our ethics require, and not act like our insufficient effort was all that we had in us or all that was required of us today.”
~Eric Maisel

What are your plans for creative practice this week?
 Given the specifics of your schedule, decide on a realistic goal or a milestone to reach for. A goal as simple as “I will be creative for 10 minutes every day” or “I will gesso three canvases” is what it’s all about. Share your goal(s) as a comment to this post, and let us know how things went with your creative plans for last week, if you posted to last week’s Monday Post.

Suggestion: When you’re deciding on your creative intentions, it’s a good idea to think about WHEN you’re going to write those 2,000 words or paint that canvas. Try to schedule the time slots in your calendar (if you keep one), understanding that flexibility may be required. If things don’t happen when you wanted them to, that’s OK. Give yourself a gentle push with one hand, but pat yourself kindly on the shoulder with the other if you don’t reach your goal for a given week. Sometimes it’s easier, sometimes it’s harder. Ride whatever you’ve got.

It’s also useful to have a sense of your minimum requirements (come hell or high water I’m going to write 100 words) while keeping a lookout for sudden opportunities to do more. You know, the day that the baby takes a monster nap or your partner takes the kids out to run errands and you find yourself with an unexpected “extra” half hour. Grab that time for yourself. You can catch up on the dishes and the laundry later. If you keep something creative in the back of your mind for those sudden opportunities, you’ll be more likely to use them to your advantage — rather than squandering your precious bonus moments on Facebook or vacuuming out the sofa cushions.

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  1. Last week’s (modest) goals:
    Blog post for A Hot Piece of Glass [DONE]
    Blog post for Medieval Glassworker [NO]
    Make two more necklaces and four pieces of Halloween-themed jewelry [YES!]

    For this week, I am totally focused on getting ready for a big show on Sunday, so…
    Make three more necklaces
    Make at least five more pairs of earrings
    Torch time for Halloween beads — on Tuesday
    Blog post for A Hot Piece of Glass
    Blog post for Studio Mothers

    I hope everyone has a great week!

    September 19, 2011
    • Hope your show preparations are coming along smoothly, Christine!

      September 22, 2011
  2. Sorry I have been absent.
    I had a couple of good writing/editing session, one better than the next, in the past couple of weeks. I am going to try to keep up that pace or make it a bit better. Toots in now in a three day preschool setting, so I may actually have the opportunity to have another writing time block. tough to get in the swing after being out of it. I have barely blogged recently and have put that on hold until something sparks me to continue it. I liked having a bit of a chronicle of the balancing act I could send my kids back to later.

    I plan to get back into my yoga practice this week, gently. Since I tore a tendon in my ankle over a year ago, I haven’t done it but once or twice. no yoga is not an option for me as I painfully discovered, so at least 2x per week to start. (and my belly dance class is out with the major foot sprain for about a month, but knowing me, 2 weeks, but I will be careful)

    I will continue to edit once or twice a week.

    I need to get back out to the garden I’ve woefully neglected since our vacation 6 or so weeks ago. Also need to get out there with my sons and the 16yo’s friends to rip out some bushes in the front after my landscaping consult. so that is this week’s goal: yoga, editing, gardening, among the usual mayhem. 😉

    September 19, 2011
  3. Last Tuesday’s RAW event (Random Art Workshop) was a serious shot in the arm and I can’t wait to do it again. I created some illustrations for the workshops you’ll be hearing about soon….

    Just started a brand-new morning routine today and I may have found the Holy Grail of time management. Blog post on that later this week.

    Last week’s goals:
    * CCA homework for two classes [yes]
    * Workshop development [yes]
    * Journaling [yes]
    * Project Life update [no]
    * Make something! [yes]

    This week’s goals
    * CCA homework for two classes [TBD]
    * Workshop/website development [M/T/W/Th/Fri]
    * Journaling [daily target]
    * Project Life update [Sat/Sun]
    * Lots of writing at the Creative Open House [Wed]

    September 19, 2011
    • “Holy Grail of time management”?? I would love to find that….looking forward to hearing more about it! 🙂

      September 19, 2011
  4. Last week’s goals:
    – intention journaling [NO]
    – running 3 days [YES, 4!]
    – getting the gardens back under control [NOT SO MUCH]
    – 1 hour of focused play with my son each of the mornings we are together [YES]
    – one mama-daughter outing [YES, WE WENT ANTIQUING!]

    This week’s goals:
    – intention journaling (if at first you don’t succeed….)
    – running 3 days (I am re-addicted and happily so)
    – canning apples and peaches (bushels to go)
    – a.m. play with son M-W-F
    – one mama-daughter activity
    – revisit my mind map and determine where my creative focus should be for the next 6 months
    – choose some art projects for the kids and make a supply list

    September 20, 2011
    • Yay jlcm! I’m envious of your running re-addiction.

      Will you share your art projects here? Maybe you’d be willing to guest with a tutorial in the Creative Times newsletter??

      September 22, 2011
  5. Last week:
    1. During my detox, to take some time to journal and reflect on the upcoming year and how I want my life to be.- The detox was great, I learned about myself and saw definite improvement in my skin.
    2. Commit, finally, to a daily drawing practice. A long time goal very little realized. Starting now, as soon as I finish this post.- getting there, started the sun salutation drawings- completed 3 drawings total last week
    3. Get my life in order to support my artistic visions. Think flylady routines, 15 minutes of decluttering and 15 minutes of paperwork until the paperwork monster is back under control I- this is so hard, it seems simple, but just staying on top of the kitchen and the laundry is hard. Try again!
    4. Not on the original list, but I wrote several blog posts and it’s beginning to take on a life of it’s own.

    This week:
    1. Drawing- complete 3 more drawings in the sun salutation series.
    2. Design a 30 minute yoga for athletes class for a workshop I’m giving in October.
    3. Write an intro for the artist I’m introducing at the gallery tomorrow night.
    4. Continue blogging- if anyone can tell me why a wordpress blog is better then a regular blogger blog, I’d be interested. Does it give you better control over designing a blog without having to learn CSS sheets?
    5. Really try to fit in that 15 minute declutter and 15 minutes of paperwork/finances a day. Spend less time on facebook and more time here!!!

    September 21, 2011
    • Great update, Deborah!

      Re your Flylady routines–do you have those set for a specific time of day? For me, the regular time slot is the only thing that gets it done. A morning tidy up routine, an evening tidy up routine. Chaos in between is fair game 😉

      Speaking of time slots, I read [yet another] piece today promoting the benefits of putting social media in a box. If you say, for example, that you will only visit Facebook from 8:30-8:45 every morning and then again from 9:00-9:15 every evening (and then set a timer if you need to) you’ll be far less likely to get sucked down the wormhole.

      I don’t have experience with Blogger, so I’m not the best judge, but WordPress is extremely user-friendly and you can select one of dozens of themes without needing to know CSS. You do need to pay a little extra if you want to be able to edit the CSS (which is what I do, using a premium theme) but if you’re not terribly picky you can probably find a theme that suits you well. It’s free anyway, so you could always try it out for an hour and see what you think!

      September 22, 2011

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