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Jenny: How To Enjoy A Day Off

The other morning I had the great fortune to stumble across an entire, glorious two hours between tours for kids to squander away at will.

And so, I ventured forth on my own little date with myself. This is one of my FAVOURITE things to do in the world, namely because:

a) I am free to do whatever the heck I like without considering anybody; and

b) I am fabulous company.

It’s funny, because while I am technically an extrovert, I’m absolutely not one of those people who finds being alone uncomfortable, threatening or in any way negative. (Note to self: this is quite possibly a side-effect of having children. Was I like this pre-kids? Hmmm. Must investigate).

No, no! Being alone these days is such a complete luxury and just so damn hard to come by, that when it does I savour every last drop.

Is that a magazine? Oh my heavens, I might actually READ THAT. Give me four!

Coffee? Don’t mind if I do! Make mine a super-size double decaf with a shot of tranquiliser. No, no, nothing fancy, just whatever you’ve got on stand-by.

A new movie out? Hells to the yes! Don’t tell me what it is, for I don’t really care, so long as it involves frozen Coke and Maltesers.

So, there I was on my little self-indulgent conquest, when what should I stumble on but this complete and utter delight of a West End store: Nook.

Nook, 19 Browning Street, West End

Isn’t it just….cute? I ventured on it, proceeded to slobber all over the lovely polished floors and then asked whether I could take some photos for me ole blog! And so I set forth, feeling like quite the mother who’s finally been let out of the house artist extraordinaire…


Heck yeah.

Ah, I am so in love with sewing machines. In the same way that I’m in love with Edward Scissorhands. I think they’re so beautiful, yet have no idea what to do with them.

It even had its own resident cat. And while I’m not generally a fan (of cats that is, not residents), even I could acknowledge that this dude just added to the whole charm quotient.

In other words, my perfect date!

How ’bout you? Any other solo date lovers out there? Any fave/dream/ideas for outings?


[Cross-posted from Comic Mummy]

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  1. that is a lovely little shop. and that is a t s elliot cat if i ever saw one. great face.

    when i grab any time for myself, i usually end up finding a quiet corner in which to read. if i take myself out of the house, i appreciate grocery shopping alone. if i am commited to making an actual date, i drag my honey out to a movie.

    i really should wander away and sit by some water by myself for a while. it has been too long. that is my old respite seeking move.

    i never finished cameron’s ‘the artist’s way’ but a big take away lesson was making time for self dates. i still haven’t taken myself horsebacking riding since i promised myself i would after reading it! this shows where i end up ‘on the list’ eh?

    August 10, 2010
    • Hi Cath!

      I can so relate; I’ve started ‘The Artist’s Way’ umpteen times but never actually completed it – not to say I still haven’t gotten a lot from it anyway.

      Horseback riding sounds wonderful; I too used to LOVE riding horses, just haven’t had the opportunity for a very long time. Hmmm, you’ve got me thinking now! 🙂

      August 10, 2010
  2. SarahT #

    Oooh, love this post. Love that shop. I want one like that, might call it cranny.

    I got a few minutes to myself recently while with in-laws in Derry, Northern Ireland and I found a little tatched cottage with a circle of young girls at sewing machines all working hard, with a tray of lemondade and biscuits in the middle. They were all diong a quilting workshop… the place was full of colour and buttons! I just love bumping into little places like that… or simply sitting with a coffee and one of the fifteen or so books I ‘started’ reading during the year, or that smiley feeling when they are in bed, large glass of wine and a good magazine!

    August 10, 2010
    • Hi Sarah,

      That sounds completely magical!! Isn’t it brilliant when you just stumble across little wonders, I love it. It feels like a great metaphor for life i.e. you can make all the plans in the word but sometimes it’s the things you COULDN’T plan that bring the real magic.

      Any one of your ideas for making use of time off makes me happy, you are truly a woman after my own heart! 🙂

      August 10, 2010

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