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Aimee: Heard from the corners

for today’s corner view, i’ll spare you the view and turn on the audio instead. my seven year old has a relationship with the english language like none other and these are just a few of the things she’s uttered over the past few weeks. when she was younger i begged for a translator, but none appeared so i’ve learned to figure out her cryptospeak on my own. some days it puts me in tears of frustration and other days i just grab and hug her to pieces. just reading this makes me want to go yank her and her mismatching socks out of the classroom and give her a huge smooch. she is the muse for so much of what i do, and i worry that sometimes i take her for granted. writing it down helps me not to do that.

say hello to jane for some lovely corners of homes around the world, including her own. if you scroll to her eighth photo you’ll see some familiar magnets, including one very bad word in spanish. hee.

Crossposted from Artsyville, by Aimee Myers Dolich.

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  1. love this, and want your much more org’ed than mine book shelves. i’ve always sprinkled the inch in front of my bindings with too much stuff and currently it is the dumpiong ground of every little thing we try to keep out of a certain someone’s reach…mostly i just want more shelves, but i’m afraid i need more walls for that. lol!

    i hear you on the crypto language. i had a lovely little discussion yesterday with my asperger’s son who is 11.5. we talked about his earliest expressins, etc and he was like, really? hm. oh. i also discussed with him that he is doing as well as he is because i and a lot of other people didn’t give up on him. his first few years were one long scream with occasional utterances of what i swear was japanese.

    February 15, 2010
  2. i love this aimee. reminds me that i need to write down some of the things my girls say that crack me up.

    February 23, 2010

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