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Wearing away the edges of illusion

wishstudio banner 3WishStudio is at it again with this beautiful, personal post on motherhood and creativity — with dreamy photographs by the author, Christina Rosalie Sbarro. I post an excerpt here, but do go read the entire post.

Before my sons, my life was full of busyness, and creativity was often pushed to the margins as my days became filled with commuting, commitments, consumption. I worried a lot about how things appeared, and about security and control. Living with two small boys has gradually worn away the edges of these illusions. I am learning that there is no such thing as control (the very fact that they are in my life at all proves this) or security for that matter. My sons teach me, with their buoyant little boy hearts, that the only moment we have is now.

This is the only one.

I used to squander my time. I pushed my creative self to the side because there was always time to go back and pick up the dropped stitches, staying up until 3am to pursue an illusive story. If I worked long hours at my job and felt drained, I could refill on the weekends with slow-start mornings and evenings listening to jazz in cafes or people watching in town. Because I had so much time, I often missed the value of each moment. I easily spent entire nights watching crappy television shows because there would always be another night; but more often than not these distractions became habits, and writing happened much less than it happens now.

Don’t miss Christina’s evocative work here, either. A treat. And if WishStudio isn’t on your regular blog itinerary, be sure to add this inspiring resource.

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  1. ain’t that the livin’ truth.

    my kids have definitely made me realize that whatever time/creative life i had before them is completely and utterly non-existent. now, even with sick toddler on lap, is all i have. i appreciate it making the most of moments even if making the most is getting much needed rest. having said that, i still find the beauty/fun in these hurried and harried, and full moments, too. even if i occasionally get blasted and blast back…

    October 29, 2009
  2. love that blog….

    November 2, 2009

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