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8/9 Weekly Creativity Challenge and New Prompt

We had three entries for this week’s “sprout” challenge, all from the same art table!  Kelly Warren and her daughters created the pieces below on an art-filled Sunday afternoon.  Kelly’s piece is on the top, then Sarah’s and then Olivia’s.  Guess who the diva of the household is?  Yes, those are rhinestones. 🙂

sprout kelly117

sprout sarah119

sprout livvie118

This week’s prompt: “old friend”
Use the prompt however you like – literally, or a tangential theme. All media are welcome. Please e-mail your entries to by midnight eastern time on Sunday, August 16, 2009. Writers should include their submission directly in the body text of their e-mail. Visual artists and photographers should attach an image of their work as a jpeg. Enter as often as you like; multiple submissions for a single prompt are welcome. There is no limit to how many times you can win the weekly challenge, either. (You do not have to be a contributor to this blog in order to enter. All are invited to participate.) All submissions are acknowledged when received; if you do not receive e-mail confirmation of receipt within 48 hours, please post a comment here. Remember, the point is to stimulate your output, not to create a masterpiece. Keep the bar low and see what happens. Dusting off work you created previously is OK too. For more info, read the original contest blog post.

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  1. lovely!

    i promise, i’ll get one in this week. i’ll even do it sooner rather than later!

    August 11, 2009
  2. I love these, Kelly. I really need some help with multimedia projects. I have all kinds of supplies, but I end up creatively tongue-tied when it comes time to get started!

    August 11, 2009
  3. miranda, i think that’s exactly why i write. when i was calling myself a visual artist, i think i was more fascinated by the materials than by producing something from them.

    i still have an unused box of 24 crayolas, with expired colors….i have a bucket of beads sorted in jars and a wool craft kit and card making kits and materials….i am especial fond of art papers, like japanese rice papers, etc… but to do something with them? no, that would wreck them!

    August 11, 2009
  4. Thanks guys. And believe me, I have a huge paper stash for the very same reason! so afraid I’m going to mess it up! 🙂

    August 12, 2009
  5. to make up for being so neglectful of the challenge lately, i have already submitted for next week’s ‘old friend’!

    August 12, 2009

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