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Cathy: I miss my kids

K, hanging -- what you don't see are the 10 HS girls just outside the frame

This whole juggling creativity and kids thing is swinging the pendulum in the opposite direction lately. I am, if not actively writing in my manuscript, doing some research re: astronomy and observatories online, albeit while also hopping blogs, etc. I have been regularly contributing to the weekly contest, to keep me on my toes creatively, and writing a blog per week, which usually means I am analyzing how the writing process is going for the manuscript. I have been accused by my family of spending more time with the computer than anyone else does.

My young teen has started becoming more interested in hanging out in a neighborhood clique after school than in playing video games. That is fantastic in my book, except that I don’t see as much of him. When he comes home, he zips upstairs to shower before dinner, do homework, and after dinner, he disappears upstairs again. I knew this was coming, as I remember doing the same at the same age, but he’s really adept at it. I think he’s in the room with me, so I start talking, while doing something else, of course. I turn to check if he’s listening, and he’s become invisible!

On fishing trip -- S draws instead

On fishing trip -- S draws instead

S, the 10-year-old, is on a bender lately, too, secluding himself to draw comics of space adventures. Now part of this is because he keeps losing TV and video game privileges until his room is clean and stays that way. I will not spend another valuable weekend afternoon on that project again.

Baby C is generally in my arms while I’m typing away at the PC, but I can’t help feeling like I could be doing more with her. Yes, I do play with her, too, but you know, she’ll probably be typing soon herself at this rate. I’ve also started leaving her home with her grandma more often lately so I can accomplish more of the errands than I can by bringing her along. That in and out of the baby seat business and strollering her here and there is exhausting and time consuming, Therefore, I can double or better errand capacity without her, as I’m no longer nursing exclusively and she can eat food and drink juice.

Baby C -- naptime, not on me

Baby C -- naptime, not on me

It’s nice that it has been relatively quiet for writing, and I’ve been accomplishing more as an independent person. However, I can’t help feeling like I need to be with my kids more than I have been lately.

So, my plans for the weekend, most likely past as you read this, is to amp up some indie time with each and some family fun. Friday night, I am taking S without taking anyone else to a special needs kids event at a local zoo, maybe get to pet some of the animals. Saturday, I am making Honey take S on a fishing trip in the morning with dads/stepdads and their aspies, while I take K to a cafĂ© for some face time while, hopefully, Baby C naps. Sat. afternoon, we’re getting together with some of the families from our aspie group, so S gets ‘peer interaction,’ K gets to hang with some friends, and frankly, so do we, as parents. Sunday, I think we’ll have a relatively lazy day at home. I want to talk the guys into playing a game or doing a puzzle all together. But Honey still needs to mow that lawn! I’ll comment an update if my plans went off without a hitch or derailed.

When Monday rolls back around, I will get back to my writing better, refreshed by the love of my family. Right — as long as the usual chaos doesn’t overtake us.

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  1. Cathy #

    Update: we did everything saturday as planned, fun, except K started to come down with something around lunch time, so did not join us for the afternoon. by evening, his fever spiked to 102.8, and he was vomiting – so late night doc in a box visit netted a consensus if not culture for strep- penicillin. he’s doing better, but it was good i planned for a lazy sunday, since the whole house had various illnesses, i passed out for 2 hours mid-day – never happens. the lawn finally was mowed! now let’s just hope we don’t see more strep cases over the next 10 days…and for s’s 2nd time fishing, several years later, he cast his line perfectly, stunning another parent on the trip.

    November 10, 2008
  2. Liz #

    If you don’t want any more strep – do not make any important plans. It is a law that if you have an important plan, or boxed yourself into some sort of ‘no room for failure’ event… the strep will find you. So will the stomach flu.

    November 10, 2008
  3. Cathy #

    yeah, this week is a blank slate and barring anymore dr visits, hopefully stays that way. i feel like crap right now.

    November 10, 2008
  4. I can totally relate to the challenge of balancing family life, creativity, and sanity (though not necessarily in that order). My pendulum swings in multiple directions, and I’m not sure which is for the best. Usually, when I’m at one extreme end of the spectrum, I miss the other. I think my kids tend to spend more time exploring their own creativity when I devote time to my own, so perhaps that’s good for them too. Sometimes that means that they sit down and draw or write, but sometimes it means creatively exploring new avenues for trouble. It’s all a toss-up at this stage!

    November 10, 2008
  5. As usual, Cathy, we’re in a similar orbit. This weekend, when I finally had an hour to myself (slated for the book) I opted for a mother-daughter home manicure/pedicure session instead. We’d been talking about doing our nails for about two months. It was so much fun to lock ourselves in the bathroom and have some silly girl time, without any younger siblings underfoot. One of those moments where being mom first didn’t feel like a concession.

    November 10, 2008
  6. cathy #

    lisa, i agree, the time i spend paying attention to my creative endeavors shows my kids the same in themselves.

    hurray for locking away in the bathroom, miranda!

    after having k home all day today, and tomorrow is no school for both the boys, i think by wed, i will be fantabulously ready to get back to quiet and writing.

    November 10, 2008
  7. as you guys know, i too, live for the juggle. whether i want to or not. glad you were able to get some family time this weekend cathy and miranda. i did the same! i spend the whole day with the girls, going to two different small outdoor events, equipped with face painting and girly shopping opportunities. by the time we got home, dh had gone to his football watching party so we literally didn’t see him from the time we left the house saturday morning at 9am until bedtime saturday night. sunday was a fairly lazy day around the house for all of us, much needed. gorgeous day. back to the grind today.

    November 10, 2008
  8. cathy #

    good weekend, kelly! glad you spent it with the girls!

    November 10, 2008

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