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Cathy: The boys are back in town

My two sons, K and S have been away at their father’s for a solid month. This is the longest I’ve been away from them since, to be honest, FOREVER. I spent most of that time gardening, enjoying baby C and long relaxed walks with the dog, reading or writing by the lake, and sitting in front of my pc writing in my manuscript and ok, I admit it, surfing the web. Without having to constantly break up spats or redirect from tv, videos, video games, I was free to be lazy. I was good at it, too. If I absolutely didn’t have to get out of my chair, I didn’t. If the only interruptions I had were baby interruptions, that’s less than a third of the interruptions I usually have. It sure was quiet around here, too. Even my mother-in-law began to think it was too quiet. My boys make a lot of noise, especially S. An old friend of mine referred to him a number of years ago as ‘the wall of noise’ and she promptly stopped hanging out with us. I guess she didn’t want her kids to learn any new tricks.

Anyway. I missed them terribly, and I got used to the quiet. I wrote, and I enjoyed the freedom to do so. I almost felt like the post-collegiate promise of a writer I felt, well, post-collegiately.

The Coley Clan

The Coley Clan

We spent this weekend visiting my family in Connecticut, showing off the baby, getting grandparents and uncles and cousins time in with the boys, and we all had a great time once the boys were back in my domain. Here’s the whole Coley Clan. My parents, my two brothers and their gangs, and us.

Now we’re home. The house is turned upside down from paint job. All the furniture is in the garage, all the gewgaws, too. The walls and ceiling are beautiful, but boy do we have a lot of work. It’s like moving in all over again. Just two years ago, we moved twice. Once, into the area, then three months later, we moved into this house, and moved my mother-in-law into the house, too. Moving furniture and setting everything up again is not my idea of fun. Not this week, after Friday and Monday were spent, for about 12 hours average each, in the van.

Now we’re home, and the boys were so good while we stayed at my brother’s house. One of the first things that happened here was The Scream From Upstairs. The one that happens several times a day when K won’t let S into his room for some brother time or a lego raid. The one where S is just going to die if K won’t let him in. The one which if I’m being a good mom, I haul my butt out of my chair and go play field manager, break it up, find out how we can best go from here, resolve the conflict and redirect. The one which if I’m being a bad mom, or I’m nursing, I holler up the stairs for quiet, and when they come down, each pleading their case before me re: who started it, whose fault it is, etc, and I say, I don’t care, get away from me, if you can’t work it out, go to your rooms. And they stomp away whining a chorus of ‘it’s not fair’.

Then this afternoon, it took us awhile but we got out the door and went out to the neighborhood pool. I didn’t bring baby C there the whole time they were gone. She loves the water. The boys do, too. After all, they all take after their mother. Boy did we have fun, and it was relaxing. I didn’t write. Until now. Thank goodness baby C slept after the pool. By the way, S came over about six times to interrupt while I wrote this. K did so twice. Or was it three times? I’m so glad they’re home.

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  1. Nice post, Cathy. As enjoyable as the summer can be, I think a lot of us in the northern hemisphere are looking forward to getting back to “normal” with back-to-school season. If you benefit from routine, as I do, returning to the schedule — and more predictable opportunities for creative time — feels like welcoming an old friend.

    (So which tack did you take with that first Scream From Upstairs, LOL???)

    August 21, 2008
  2. Cathy #

    yeah, school will help. we keep a pretty strict routine for s posted on fridge for summer, too. so it’ll help me now he’s back.

    i got s to take a walk with me, calmed him down, discussed making a comprise w/k re: legos that will work for both of them. now, the next one, i don’t want to cop to. 😉

    oh, and the ‘since FOREVER’ is an oft used s phrase. i forgot it was inside humor when i wrote it.

    August 21, 2008
  3. Cathy #

    compromise, i meant.

    August 21, 2008
  4. lovely big family picture, cathy. i miss my girls when i’m away from them for two days. i can’t imagine being away from them for a whole month. glad you’re all back together!

    August 26, 2008
  5. Cathy #

    thanks! crazy bunch, but they’re mine.

    and it helps that i spoke on the phone with the boys every day.

    August 27, 2008

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