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Get creative and save the planet, too

The website is gathering momentum in the fight against global warming:

Many think of not as a campaign, but as a global collaborative art project to promote knowledge of the number 350. So let your creativity run wild by making your own art, crafts, and more to spread the word about 350 wherever you go. So far people are making t-shirts, quilts, paintings, and more – show us what you can come up with to get the word out in your community! Just be sure to share your creations with the rest of the 350 community by uploading a photo of it on our website and tagging it ‘art’. Below are a few resources and opportunities to plug into the project artistically. has teamed up with and other crafting organizations to sponsor a couple of exciting contests. Together we’re asking people to create quilts, t-shirts, hats, needlepoint designs, finger puppets, or whatever you can think of that helps spread the number 350 in their community. The submission period will be during the month of August, when participants will be able to enter their creations in the t-shirt design competition or the general craft competition – so get started early! Visit the contest website for more details.

Be free, create, and save the world. Who could be better equipped for the job of superhero than a bunch of creative mothers?

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  1. Cathy #

    very cool. i’ll have to think about what i can do. maybe when my boys get back – 2weeks yay – we’ll but a our heads together and make a vid. ooo, i just had an idea for it.

    July 31, 2008

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