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Betsy: My new blogazine

I’ve been a bit incommunicado from Creative Construction, because I’ve been creatively constructing a new blogazine, including unraveling all the technical mysteries of self-hosted WordPress blogs. But tonight (or this morning, as it were), I am announcing The BetsyG-Spot, at

I hope you’ll come take a look. I’m calling it a blogazine because it’s a blog format, but most of the pieces are essays rather than true blog entries. Here’s the way I’ve laid it out:

Each Monday, The BetsyG-Spot features essays—humorous, personal, and often poignant—about relationships, written by me and other authors. Similar in tone and style to my essays that were published in the Boston Globe Magazine’s Coupling column, the content of these pieces isn’t constrained by the limits of a family newspaper.

Wheel of Fortune Wednesdays feature essays in a variety of forms and on a variety of topics, ranging from “weird things that happen,” to diet pills, to media reviews.

On Fridays, I’ll publish reader stories related to the Monday column, compiled and edited from the most original and interesting reader send-ins.

I hope you’ll take a look, give a read, subscribe, link to it (*please* link to it), rate it, and favorite it on whatever social networking sites you belong to. If nothing else, please do look at the thank-you page…appreciation is shown to our Creative Construction blog mistress.

If anyone has a blog with similar content (humor and personal essays), let me know. I’d love to put you on my blogroll. and, if you’re an essayist (particularly with a humorous or quirky bent), take a look at my submission guidelines…I’m planning to feature the work of other writers, and I’m hoping to be able to pay them not too far down the road.

Wish me luck!

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  1. cathy #

    good luck!

    June 16, 2008

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