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Bethany: Plowing Ahead

Look at that! I just came in here, commented up a storm and am now writing a post. Hmm.  It’s very reminiscent of how my writing has been going lately.

Seriously, looking back at my other post, I was caught between story ideas.  Deliberating between the two, taking a mental scorecard and choosing the “best path” for success.  And somewhere between that post (on a Wednesday) and that following Sunday, I hauled ass.  Big time.  Wrote three chapters in one book and a synopsis of the other (yeah, I write from the 5000 foot view and then into the details).  By some holy miracle, it worked!  A whole 4 days later I had reached my goal.

I’m not going to expect the same output this week.  I’ve learned that I write in fits and spurts.  And when I’m in a writing flurry, if I make those same expectations week after week, I’ll only disappoint myself.  I’m completely inconsistent.  Which… well, isn’t so good.  At least if I am not honest with myself.

Which brings me to my point–this writing fit.  Well, it ROCKS.  And I can’t waste another second on this blog post (sorry!).  I’ve got to ride the wave and write as long as it lasts.  Right now, it’s through another chapter.  Maybe by Sunday (2 days away), I’ll have the goal (through the next 3 chapters).  Maybe not. Either way, writing… any writing is a good thing.  Happy Creativity All and keep plowing ahead!

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  1. Tomas #

    You are right. The writing is good indeed. However, the reading too was fine. While reading your post, I have sensed myself prompted to answer what for are we writing. What’s main goal that makes your “I” mine and otherwise?

    March 2, 2008
  2. Love the flow, Bethany! Hope the feast continues–enjoy the wave while it lasts. Here’s a piece on binge writing at Literary Mama, which you might enjoy:

    March 3, 2008

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