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Monday, Monday (sing it out loud)

OK, so it’s actually Tuesday, but just pretend I’m posting this yesterday.

bluemonday.jpgIntroducing Creative Construction’s new blog tool: The Monday Page (also available from the tabs at the top of this page). Post your specific goal(s) every week, as well as where you are going to claim the time to achieve that objective. The next week, post an update and spell out the coming week. No self-flagellation here, just a process that may help you focus on what is realistically possible and then keep that goal alive during the week (rather than buried at the bottom of the list).

The Monday Page is just for goal notes, rather than the accompanying narrative. Save the discussion for the page you’re currently on. The comment structure may not work for us in the long run, but let’s try this format and see how it goes.

Safety in numbers–please add your own goals to mine at The Monday Page!

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  1. Oh boy…. going over now. [biting my nails] now I am really being held accountable! 😉

    February 5, 2008

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