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Bethany: Oh wait! I have a baby in the house

I had great plans for this weekend. Much like Miranda, I had plans–ambitious plans–to write.  Resurrecting an old plan for a nonfiction book I’ve had for years (as in 5 years of a proposal sitting in waiting).  It seemed pretty simple.  Open the proposal, refine, adjust, write chapter descriptions, re-read, tweak, save, and then move to the 2 sample chapters.  The chapters I had yet to write beyond the 3 sentence description.  My end goal:  proposal ready for the final edit. Draft of Introduction done (and by draft, I mean brain dump, rough form of chapter).

What really happened was–one run-through of the proposal with chapter descriptions.  Drafts of chapter descriptions.

Ready to let the tears gush, I sat on my bed last night sighing.  My long weekend was lost. Great plans waisted.  Just as I was ready to let the pity take over, the baby cried.  The 5-month-old baby.

That was when it dawned on me.  I’m a mom.  Of two actually.  And with all the mess that is our current life (we’ve just survived two deaths in the family which meant 2 trips out of town at the last minute)– I was taking care of what was really important, my family.  Sure, writing is my dream.  And I need to take steps to make that dream a reality. But, it’s okay to take a step back and take care of the other important stuff first.  Right now, it seems it’s my family.

So watch out next weekend, I’m coming at you strong!  Oh and for that little bit of writing I did do?  Well, I’m thrilled.  Really.  It is better than not getting any writing done.  So, it’s a step in the right directly.  Let’s getting ready for the next step.

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  1. Good perspective, Bethany–and getting ANYTHING done with an infant in the house is a major accomplishment. You’re clearly keeping the creative self alive, which is the important thing. Sporadic productivity is probably the best that one can hope for: a week or two with no opportunity, and then a sudden burst. So long as you keep the creative flame alive, you’ll be able to take advantage of those opportunities without feeling like you’re setting your family aside.

    I hope this applies to me, too, and that my currently fallow period turns around ASAP!

    January 24, 2008
  2. Yes – I too learned to be happy with the little bits I was able to accomplish here and there. My struggle now is with the greater freedom I have with an older baby – I keep thinking I “should” do “more,” but the truth is I don’t think any of us is quite ready for that yet… at least not to the extent I wish for!

    January 26, 2008

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