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Miranda: Chapter 3 finished

chapter3.jpgI’m seriously surprised that I finished another chapter, given that I got sidetracked this week with messy client projects and reading Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist and now Robert Olen Butler’s From Where You Dream. (The books are interestingly related, and have had a significant impact on me.) I don’t know if my chapter is any good, but I wrote to my outline and the words are there. It all came pretty organically.

The magic want in my icon is not to imply that I’m a brilliant, creative magician, it is intended to illustrate that my fairy godmother (a disco queen, apparently) saved my creative bee-hind. It was actually yesterday that I thought to myself “Crap, I am supposed to be finishing another chapter this week!” Since I seem to have fallen into a rhythm of posting a new blog post on Fridays (as that’s the day I try to save for writing) I knew I had little time to get my act in gear. But I did, and have sent the intro through Chapter 3 to a new reader for review. (I’ve also figured out that sending sections for review is a part of having a “completed” draft–or at least, completed enough.)

I wish I’d kept the book a little more in the forefront this week, as I might have had better results, but at least I met my deadline–which is the whole point, at least for now. Get the thing written, incorporate feedback along the way to make sure I’m not delusional, and then, once it’s completed, go back and make it good.

While I’m on a streak: for next week, Chapter 4.

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