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Robin: Motherhood–An Invitation to Whimsy

This is not my first time here. This place called motherhood. While carrying one in my belly I was preparing for one to walk a high school graduation stage in a matter of months. Surely, I was well equipped to go through the phases and stages that motherhood holds; it was not that long ago.

But… something was different. A number of things really. I was 20 the first time; this time I was rounding out 37. The first one was a boy, this time I was blessed with a little girl. Possibly the realization that this will be the last time I hold a babe that comes from my body. More so, I recognize that as she grows, I am experiencing these inner tuggings of the girl I used to be but whom I had long ago lost touch with. I feel the emotions about art and beauty and color that she feels with the intensity she seems to feel it. But I had forgotten.

I am midway through year two of CHOOSING to live a more whimsical life. More often than not, we are in the midst of two art projects while preparing to go experience some sort of nature walk or find some new adventure in a library book. I do not know how else my life would have progressed to this particular place other than through my giving myself permission to go here. To REINVENT. To OPEN UP. To BELIEVE THAT whimsy is ageless and timeless. And so I did. And I KNOW, the three of us — yes I do add my oldest back into the equation — are the better for it.

Robin Norgren is a military wife and mother. Her most recent hats include growing as a fiber artist and placing her toes in the home-school water through integrating children’s literature with creativity. She is mom to 2 and step-mom to 1, ages 21, 17, and 4. She has been married 7 years to a guy who loves serving in the military (Navy) and is determined to take his family on his adventures whenever possible. The family currently reside in Ramstein, Germany. Learn more at Robin’s etsy shop and Robin’s personal blog.

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