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An Extraordinary Giveaway: The Artist’s Way and Beyond Teleclass

Zohar Tirosh-PolkI’m so excited to bring you this amazing giveaway: a free spot in The Artist’s Way and Beyond, a 12-week teleclass led by the award-winning playwright (and my fellow creativity coach) Zohar Tirosh-Polk. This giveaway is a $200 value! If you’ve always wanted to do The Artist’s Way, or have done it before and are ready to do it again, Zohar (familiarly known as Zoe) will be your personal guide during the 12-week program, which begins February 13. The teleclass will be held on Wednesdays from 1:00 to 2:00 pm eastern (except for the initial class, which may run up to 90 minutes).

The Artist's WayJulia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way is often hailed as the “Artist’s bible,” with tools like morning pages and artist dates now used by millions across the world. The Artist’s Way offers a foundational and spiritual path to accessing your creativity and moving toward achieving your innermost artistic dreams and aspirations. I asked Zoe to share a little bit about what inspired her to offer this teleclass.

What prompted you to create a teleclass from The Artist’s Way?
I’m working on two big creative projects right now and I needed to return to The Artist’s Way myself. I know The Artist’s Way is such a powerful way to reconnect with my own creativity. Having gone through it many times, it has become my artist’s bible of sorts, an anchor. It’s the thing I go back to again and again to find inspiration, hope, and the tools that help me keep going. I also know that creating a community of creative souls/artists is such a potent experience. It allows everyone to be accountable, inspire one another, keep using the tools, and stay on track with our creative projects. Lastly, I hear so many people say, “Oh yes, I want to do The Artist’s Way again,” or “I should read it” and I wanted to create an opportunity for those people to do just that.

Why do you think The Artist’s Way has become such a phenomenon?
Because it works! 🙂 The Artist’s Way addresses the practical, emotional, and spiritual challenges of being an artist/creative soul and offers tangible and brilliant solutions to these challenges. I re-read Julia Cameron’s introduction recently and it was incredible to be reminded about how it all happened. She first heard about a painter-friend who started painting as a result of the work he did with her, and then there was a class, then a packet of handouts, and then a book, which has now sold millions of copies worldwide. Artists all over the world gained access to their creativity and and dancers went back to dancing, photographers got shows, writers wrote novels, actors began acting all over the world. It’s really amazing to think about.

As a creativity coach, what do you most want your students to gain from this teleclass?
I want them to have renewed faith their creativity, be well on their way in working on a project, and have a concrete plan to keep them going. This is where the “Beyond” part comes in. Every participant will have to create a vision for their work. Through coaching, exercises, careful planning, and accountability tools, everyone will complete the class working toward that vision. It’s exciting!

Space is limited. To claim a spot now, register at

To win a free spot in this teleclass, simply post a comment below. Our winner will be selected at random on Friday, February 8, at 9:00 pm eastern. Good luck!

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