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Miranda: Best of Both Worlds

What a creative week! I finally finished overhauling our playroom just in time to finish the first project in WishStudio’s online art playgroup with my 5-year-old son. It took us a few sessions spread over the week to finish our projects. Here’s a peek at a few steps along the way:

I was thrilled with my son’s finished card!

Isn’t is beautiful? I was less pleased with my own piece, which — despite working for at least an hour after my son had finished and skipped off to do something else — I couldn’t get quite right. After cutting out my son’s image for his own card, I was too intimidated to try to cut out the pair of little ones in my own photo, so I opted to retain the background image. But then the balloon color wasn’t right — wasn’t enough of a contrast — so I tried several different layers (poster paint, colored pencil, crayon, oil pastels, you name it!) before ending up with a murky eggplant color.

Even though the outcome isn’t exactly to my liking, it was a wonderful process. Thank you, Shona! I’m grateful for this opportunity to blend creativity and motherhood, rather than complaining about not doing justice to one or the other.

It’s already Thursday and we haven’t yet started on this week’s project. Time to get those smocks on again 🙂

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