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Introvert Insights

I was thrilled to have The Power of Quiet reviewed by Introvert Insights, a well-produced, thoughtful publication for introverts. If you’re a fellow introvert, check out how to subscribe below (it’s free, even in hard copy, no matter where you live)!

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From Peter Vogt, publisher of Introvert Insights: “I am finding — because my approach to the newsletter is atypical (i.e., it’s printed and mailed, for free) — that I need to come right out and tell potential subscribers the following (so you may want to do the same if you decide to tell your readers/followers about Introvert Insights):

“A) Yes, the newsletter really is mailed to them (no matter what country they live in, by the way — in or outside of the U.S.) in print form.

“B) Yes, it really is free.

“C) No, there is no ‘catch.’ (Some people seem to be waiting for the other shoe to drop, but there is no other shoe.)”

Enjoy, introvert friends!


Miranda: Open House

So far, 2011 is turning out to be an extremely exciting year. It’s so rewarding when your collection of seemingly unrelated passions come together in one big flashing exclamation point.

Some of you may recall my post about becoming certified as a creativity coach. To that end, I’m thrilled to share with you my new creativity coaching website,

What’s a creativity coach? A creativity coach is similar to a life coach, but focuses more specifically on creative work. I work with clients who are struggling with making time for art, feeling stuck creatively, or looking for guidance with a specific project or life transition. Interestingly, most creative mothers don’t seem to suffer from writer’s block or artistic dry spells. As we’ve all seen here in our 3+ years together at this blog, it’s much more common for a creative mother to feel suffused by creative ideas and new projects. Her issue is more typically a serious shortage of time. So in my coaching work, we look at all the elements in her current landscape to see how to make more room and support for creative practice.

As part of my new endeavor, I’m putting out a monthly e-newsletter as an umbrella project for Studio Mothers as well as my coaching business. The newsletter includes several tidbits of inspiration and practical advice — so I hope you’ll sign up! Just click here and then click on the newsletter icon in the left-hand sidebar. The first issue comes out tomorrow!

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