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C is for … taking advantage of creative opportunity

If you follow our Monday Post comments, you know that I’ve been out of my daily writing groove. I’ve even had the itch to do some drawing, but recently have been making the choice to focus on editorial client work. The work is coming out my ears and as my husband lost his job last week, it’s hard for me to not fill every waking moment with billable hours. (Totally unsustainable and ill-advised, natch.)

But then Liam, my kindergartener, came home with an assignment — an assignment for me. His teacher is assembling an ABC book created by class parents. She needed a few parents to take an extra letter, so what the hell, I took two. First I signed up for N, because I immediately thought of “nest.” I love making nests, whether two- or three-dimensional. Then I went ahead and signed up for A, telling myself that I’d have to come up with something slightly less obvious than “apple.” I should also confess that I LOVE Liam’s teacher, and wanted to impress her didn’t want to embarrass myself with a sub-par effort.

N is for nestSo last night after dinner, I left my laptop in my office and got started. Liam supervised. I told myself not to get too carried away: “Don’t even think about looking at typography,” I told myself. “Just freehand it.” After thinking through my basic approach, I improvised.

Of course, I ended up completely immersed. It’s just so darned fun to play with colored pencils and paper for a couple of hours. Does it matter that my lettering looks totally amateur? Or that the colors on the A sheet don’t work that well? No. Doesn’t matter at all. I had a great time and Liam was pleased.

A is for autumnIn “N is for nest,” I really wanted the baby birds to look cute. Please tell me I succeeded! If I’d let myself have more time, I would have tucked the nest into a the crook of a tree branch, but it is what it is.

The photograph of “A is for autumn” didn’t come out that well (the colors are actually more red than pink), but you get the idea.

The moral of this story is: When a creative bone comes your way, grab it and run. Then get back to work.

Miranda: Nest

The March theme for Leah Piken Kolidas’s Creative Every Day project was nest. Leah is feathering her own nest in anticipation of her baby’s arrival, so nesting was a natural theme for her — and everyone else who is anticipating (or already enjoying) spring.

I made two projects for the theme. Actually, “re-made” would be more accurate, since both of these were originally created in my last house, but fell apart when we moved to our new house two years ago. The piece “Birdhouse” was entirely destroyed. So, now that I’m settled in my new nest, as it were, I was happy to come back to both of these projects. I put a different spin on “Birdhouse” this time around.


I extrapolated “nest” into birdhouse, seeing as a nest is, in most literal terms, a bird’s house. Like any nest you would find in nature, my birdhouse was constructed with things that I found around me. The nest itself is real, salvaged from a bush outside my office window after it was no longer needed. The base of the piece was cut from a section of the wood that used to belong to my childhood piano — a behemoth old painted upright that I had to ditch when the soundboard cracked. (Before it was hauled away, I removed a piece of the case and popped off all of the beleaguered ivory veneers.) So for me, this birdhouse, and the timing of its reconstruction, has many layers of meaning.

Seaglass Nest

This one speaks for itself. Well, maybe there’s room for a subtitle along the lines of “People in glass houses…..”

Thanks to Leah for the prompt. I wouldn’t have resuscitated these projects without it.

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