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Kreativ Blogger Award

In an unusually impressive display of bad blogging etiquette, it’s taken me more than two weeks to respond to the Kreativ Blogger award that Lisa Damian of Damian Daily kindly sent our way. Thank you, Lisa! (Read more about Lisa at our Breakfast interview.)

The Kreativ Blogger Award acceptance speech is supposed to include five random tidbits about the blogger so that readers can get to know her (or him) better. I will respond in personal terms, understanding that my acceptance is on behalf of the entire Studio Mothers community!

Did you know…

1. I was born on the 9th minute of the 9th hour of the 9th day of the 9th month in 1969. This means that I had the good fortune of turning 40 at 9:09 on 9/09/09. Any guesses as to my lucky number?

2. Each of my five children’s three given names — first, middle, and last — are comprised of two syllables. No one-syllable names, no three-syllable names. This is, perhaps, a frightening reflection of my love of symmetry.

3. My first home was a boat on the River Thames in London. I haven’t ever felt creatively depleted, but if a dry spell ever comes my way, I will remind myself of this poetic start to life and hopefully get on with it.

4. I loathe olives. Every now and then I talk myself into trying another one, but they’re almost as bad as Marmite. (Despite the British roots, I have yet to understand how Marmite is classified as a food substance.)

5. In 1989, I was an extra in David Lansky, which was rumored to be the first French TV mini series. The series starred Johnny Hallyday, who is kind of the French version of Rod Stewart. According to Wikipedia, he is “the biggest rock star you’ve never heard of” in English-speaking countries. My appearance in this mini series, dear friends, was one of the highlights of my professional acting career. Need I say more?

Now, for the part where I get to present others with a Kreativ Blogger Award. I tried to ensure that the awardees had not already won this award. (Note to recipients: All you have to do is copy the Kreativ Blogger badge and list five random things about yourself in a post.) And the award goes to…

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