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Anita: The Beeb

Isn’t the BBC fantastic? So many wonderful programmes on art and such amazing costume dramas too! I was lucky enough to catch a programme on Tuesday entitled ‘Imagine: Let there be light’ that focused on American artist James Turrell and his wonderful creations that stir the senses using light as his main medium.

I also caught the second part in the BBC4 series ‘Picture Book‘ on Wednesday. This week’s episode spotlighted books for young readers and offered a feast of wonderful illustrations from books such as Winnie the Pooh and The Wind in the Willows.

Books were not a huge part of my childhood, in fact I don’t remember a single one until, as a teenager, I read the Adrian Mole Diaries. As someone who now wishes to venture into writing and illustrating a book for children, this series has been a priceless form of research and I am really looking forward to the final part on Wednesday this week.

Picture Book Pt3 – BBC4 – 9pm – 19th November

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