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Amelia: An Introduction

I am a mother to five amazing children who range in age from 2 years to 19 years! I spent 15+ years in higher education before I began to listen to my soul’s whispers that it was time to move on in a direction that was more true to who I am. Mom’s Daily Retreat was born from this decision. I now use my training, experience, and passion for creativity to work with mothers on a variety of topics including: career development, work life balance, and mothering authentically.

My most popular e-retreat is the Mothering Authentically course which is a four-week exploration of who we are, at our core, based on our personality preferences and how this plays out daily in our role as mothers. This topic is explored through journal entries, conversations with one another and through art (whether it is scrapbooking, photography, mixed media, etc.).

Balancing motherhood and creativity is something that has evolved over time for me. I spend time creating alongside of my children as I have discovered that rich conversation is always a by-product of being elbow deep in Modge Podge and paint. This is also an additional lens to observe who I am as a mother as I create alongside my children. The way I create alongside my children is very different than how I create in my quiet moments alone. Consequently, the early morning hours of my day are safeguarded as my time to create, whether it is writing, taking pictures, or working on a mixed-media piece.

Our new e-course listings!

In case you missed the news on Facebook, Studio Mothers now has an ongoing e-course listing. (See the new tab above.) There’s so much great stuff happening on the web — now you have an overview tool for making sure you don’t miss anything that really appeals. This list includes e-courses and e-books on creativity and creative living that are especially relevant to creative mothers.

We’ll be regularly updating this listing — so please don’t be shy about letting us know about an online course you loved or your own upcoming class. Just send the info in an e-mail to creativereality (at)


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