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Miranda: Life, art, and friendship–the sequel

In August 2009, I had the pleasure of hosting two of this blog’s writers, Cathy Coley and Mary Duquette, at my home in Massachusetts. We posted photos and a re-cap of 2009 here. Last week, Cathy made her annual trek north again, and we had another reunion, which hopefully will become an annual event. We were joined by Jenn Rivers, who has also posted a dozen times at Studio Mothers.

Left to right: Mary, Cathy with Baby C (aka Toots), Miranda, and Jenn

For some reason I thought that this time around, with all of our children being a year older, we’d have *more* time to sit and chat and relax. What was I thinking?? This year was even more manic than last, and I can’t remember getting more than two sentences out of my mouth in any coherent order. What I most remember is Cathy and Mary discovering that some kind of animal had decided to use our sandbox as a litter box, and quite thoughtfully taking the littlest kids into the house to wash hands. Yes, I’m afraid that feral cat poop and our usual discussion of allergies sort of dominated the afternoon. Not exactly the inspiring conversation about creativity and life design that I’d had in mind, but it was wonderful to see the faces of my dear friends and hear the excited voices of the children as they ran around like true hooligans and enjoyed themselves fully.

Until next year, friends. And with any luck, maybe we can lure Brittany over to visit with us too. I’m already planning for a more satisfying conversation — and less cat poop. Everyone in?

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