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Robin: Teaching My Mind

I came across this poem written by Wendel Berry analyzing the work done on a farm:

“I am trying to teach my mind

to bear the long, slow growth

of the fields, and to sing

of its passing while it waits…”

This poem describes perfectly what motherhood feels like to me. I am teaching my mind to remain peace-filled during the mundane of a life that involves long periods of isolation and feelings of¬†insignificance. The idea of not simply logging days until the next major milestone but to live into whatever the day holds for me today. Even… the monotony of it. I am moving toward my 5th year of home life as my life.

This year has definitely taken on¬†different hues,¬†especially with the exploration of my online business as a creative outlet. Again setbacks are a part of this process as well. I have had to learn to wait until we move back to the United States to really begin building it because materials and customs are very challenging to deal with here in Germany. So my encouragement for today comes from the words of this poem. I have to TEACH MY MIND to…

In what area can you apply these words today?

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