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Robin: I Feel Inspired (Lately)…

My girl set this display on her art table and asked, “Mom can I have some paint?”

And she began to paint…

The results…

This also gave Mama a chance to work on some new things…

What’s inspiring you (lately)…?

Robin: Missing Germany


As a Valentine’s gift for my hubby this year, I put together a photo book of our time in Germany. My hubby and I have very different takes on the experience. His time in Germany has been the most fulfilling time of his life. I feel very proud and happy to support him. At the same time, I would say it was one of the toughest periods of my life.
Something silly started to come to the surface as I was putting the book together. This realization that I have not really picked up a camera since I have gotten home to Arizona. I have a few theories. One is I felt so isolated in Germany. I felt like the camera was some sort of reminder to look for the loveliness. I also think I was keeping some record that I was still a part of the world.
A new theory is that the place IS beautiful. The seasons changing, the greenery, the history, the architecture all seems to sit in STARK CONTRAST to our residence in the United States. I will admit it. The desert DOES NOT inspire me. My creativity is more of a discipline here.

So what do I do with that?

Robin: Transitioning

my family (minus our two older boys — ahem — MEN!)

I have had a whirlwind of change going on over here. I can’t believe that hubby was here two weeks ago on leave.  And in those two weeks, I have said “YES” to a couple of major things:

These things feel like they are bringing me back to my purpose. This year marks 4 years since I graduated from Fuller Seminary and I have struggled in my heart and on this blog the reasons for why I even took that step. This year seems to be the year that this all fits. Josey heads off to kindergarten in a matter of months. The stress and tension I used to feel over finances and loneliness due to hubby’s deployments are starting to subside a bit. And I feel a bit more settled in my identity.

I LOVE that I can connect creativity with my faith. I LOVE the idea of putting the two together and helping others to do the same. The process of writing the creativity workbook really made some things click as far as next steps. And I am VERY PLEASED with this new direction.

Robin: Decluttered

I have a stack of journals in which I have collected ideas. There are about 6 of them. There is no rhyme or reason to them. Pretty little journals with random thoughts and dreams and ideas. This collection began to wear on me about the same time that I committed to writing out my business plan for the Creative Business marathon. How will I ever find the time to look through these? What am I missing out on? Do I keep re-inventing the wheel of my creativity without realizing it?

I have this same awful habit when it comes to pictures as well. Files and files of pictures on my computer. Random files simply listed by date. No wonder I feel so scattered all the time. No wonder I can’t seem to think my way clear to a concise plan. I have these stacks of randomness. Until this weekend…I looked through the pages of the journals. And guess what I found?  Most of them are only halfway full. AND most of the ideas I am ALREADY IMPLEMENTING. And the pictures? Well that was not as clean and tidy. In fact, that took hours.  LOTS AND LOTS of hours. But that too is complete.

I feel CLEANSED and ready for my NEXT STEPS

[photo credit]

Robin: 2011 in Flight

Want to Join Me?
Where do I begin with this new venture? You could blame it on Kelly Rae Roberts e-course that I took during the summer. Or you could blame it on the months of introspection that I talk about over here during the year I spent living and learning to thrive in Germany.
This notion of Creative Peace is one I have gone back to over and over again over the last two years. I know that when I started this “idea” of living more creatively and then trying my hand at a creative business, the movements were always with a twinge of self doubt; as if I was living someone else’s life. Was a creative life one I could actually attain?
The answer is a resounding YES! Now that this is settled in my mind and heart, I would love the opportunity to walk alongside you as you do some traveling yourself.
Learn more here…
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Robin: Stepping In

I completed my one week ecourse with Christine Mason Miller this past week.

More than anything, I found that putting the money down for the e-course forced me to DECIDE…Decide whether I am in or out. Am I really moving into this writing life of mine? Or am I just flitting around from here to there talking about it and blogging about it and TWEETING about it.

So step 1: Yesterday, I cancelled with a friend who wanted to shoot the breeze explaining that I KNOW that Josey’s preschool time is supposed to be set aside for writing. And I KID YOU NOT, within the next 24 hours TWO PEOPLE asked me if I would like them to help with Josey, giving me 4 EXTRA HOURS next week to write.

So here I am stepping into my life. I am writing an e-course on the spiritual side of creativity. The anticipated launch date is January 2011. You heard it here first. I am thrilled to say it in this space because this is where I first put my toes in the writing water this year. Thanks to Miranda and all my kindred spirits for the courage to put one foot in front of the other.

[Photo credit]

Robin: Wish.Play.Create. — Week 4

Welcome to Week 4 of Wish.Play.Create. Week 4 was taught by Mindy, THE ONE who DREAMED UP the WishStudio
This little one is my MENTOR when it comes to using color WITH ABANDON!
We used some fabric paint that we got on the cheap but didn’t have a chance to experiment with yet. The effect on the gesso was pretty cool. The colors took on a metallic feel.
I want to thank Mindy again for the generous gift of this class (I won this opportunity via Miranda of Studio Mothers).
I am now prepping for a new course offered in the Wish Studio taught by Christine Mason Miller in an effort to get myself in gear on a writing project that I need to work on. Anyone want to join me in The WishStudio?

Robin: Wish.Play.Create. Week 3 – Knowing Your Limitations

Have you checked out Stephanie Lee’s Work? She was this week’s fabulous instructor in the WishStudio for the online art playgroup. Her contribution was heart of stone plaster pendants and called for an introduction of plaster of paris and doing some wire work. I gotta come clean on this. When something this NEW TO ME is introduced, I actually need the benefit of sitting in a class with an instructor coddling me through my fear! And really, that SHOULD NOT have been necessary because Stpehanie’s instructions were very clear and she gave us a PHENOMENAL amount of pictures with each step. I think this was just not the right time for me to learn it. So…

Plan B:

Josey and her best friend Noelle up 6:15 am on a Saturday morning after their sleepover, remnants of the carnvial we went to the night before still on their face! We are prepping to make polymer clay pendants!

This is something I learned to do about two years ago in an art class I took at a local community center.  The girls were amazed at the amount of work it took to get the clay soft — this is NOT Play-Doh!
Josey decided she wanted to make cookies for her kitchen (don’t worry, I’m way ahead of what is going to happen later…)

I am about to hit a MAJOR SNAG because I can’t seem to remember what TEMPERATURE and HOW LONG to bake them…

The good news is they were happy with them (if you look closely, you will see they were in the oven a bit TOO LONG!)
[Cross-posted from Well of Creations]

Robin: Wish.Play.Create – Week 2 (went a bit differently)

So I was totally psyched about week 2 of the e-course of Wish Play Create. The instructor is Tracey Clark of Shutter Sisters so I “knew” this was gonna be a fun week.
Josey has ZERO INTEREST in playing with a camera. For three days I would ask her in this excited voice, “are you ready to take some pictures of your favorite things?” and I would receive responses ranging from “um no thanks…” to a whining yet emphatic “I DON’T WANT TO!” The good news is we were giving some prompting questions to help with shaping the assignment. Things like:
“My favorite things” — pink and going somewhere
“I really like to” — do
“I am really good at” — going somewhere
“I feel happy when” — it’s good
So here’s the compromise:
She let me take a pic of her in one of her pink outfits (kind of…)
I caught her working in her journal….
Such is the life of motherhood and creativity:

Robin: Wish.Play.Create – The E-Course, Week 1

Josey and I were the lucky winners of the fantastic e-course offered by Mindy at The Wish Studio
We tweaked it a bit by used pieces of wood instead of paper for the base of the project.  We just moved into a new place and I saw this as an opportunity to make some art for the walls
This was not an obstacle for Miss Josey who LOVES playing with paint and the MORE SPACE she has to work with, the better!
Shona Cole-Author of “The Artistic Mother” was OUR INSTRUCTOR for Week 1!
Special thanks to Miranda at Studio Mothers for hosting the contest.  We are having SO MUCH FUN!

Robin: The Writing Is THE Thing

While watching the premiere of Handmade Nation By Faythe Levine a few years ago, I latched onto the phrase “gateway drug” referring to the means by which an artist meanders into the art/craft genre. I have been thinking about what that “drug” would be for me and I know for sure writing is THE thing. It is the one thing I gravitate to when I feel at my wits’ end. Writing brings this gift to my life which allows me to renew the hope that life is ALL about the process and that going through the process is worth it. Equally fulfilling these last several months is recognizing that others experience this same satisfaction when they are drawing or crocheting or crafting mosaics or jewelry making. A mentor of mine sent me an e-mail around this same time. He posed the question: “how are you doing with the ‘what next” now that your seminary degree is completed?” I almost deleted the e-mail; the words were too hot to even live in my inbox. The following week I got an invitation for the commencement ceremony for my alma mater. Again, a knock at my door which I was not ready to answer. I answered the e-mail later in the week this way: “I would have never expected it to look like this — my life, I mean. I do not know what to do but I do know what I am not doing: writing.” He responded quickly, “What is it you think you should be writing?” Since then, I have found many ways to exercise that writing muscle: through blogging, whether it be on my blog or as a guest blogger. And I strings words and thoughts together for cards and mixed media. I am amazed at how a series of events coming together at the right time can challenge you in such a life changing way. How about you? What is YOUR THING that fuels all things creative? [photo credit]

Robin: Home is where you dwell…

“You Belong….” – See more HERE

The idea of what “home” represents has shifted considerably over the last 9 months while living in Germany. Those things I held so confidently as the things that would sustain me and see me through the loneliness of being away from everyone and everything I know failed miserably. I spent the last several months mourning the things that weren’t to the point where I suddenly realized I MUST awaken my heart to the things that could be catalysts for change and growth within me. Changes I would not have thought to ask for. People I would have never encountered had I not had to seek connectedness elsewhere. I considered listing these beautiful people here but I know I would leave someone out so I have made it my mission to value them personally.

This mixed-media piece above represents the beginning of some inspirations birthed from this season that is closing in the next 14 days. Oh how I am ready to see it end! And yet, I KNOW the changes I have experienced could not have been chiseled by any other means. So I do extend grace to those who thought they could be there but were not. I ask for mercy for those times when I broke those promises to the people I care about in their most desperate moments and I prepare for the shifts that have occurred as a result of this extended separation.

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