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Anita: The Beeb

Isn’t the BBC fantastic? So many wonderful programmes on art and such amazing costume dramas too! I was lucky enough to catch a programme on Tuesday entitled ‘Imagine: Let there be light’ that focused on American artist James Turrell and his wonderful creations that stir the senses using light as his main medium.

I also caught the second part in the BBC4 series ‘Picture Book‘ on Wednesday. This week’s episode spotlighted books for young readers and offered a feast of wonderful illustrations from books such as Winnie the Pooh and The Wind in the Willows.

Books were not a huge part of my childhood, in fact I don’t remember a single one until, as a teenager, I read the Adrian Mole Diaries. As someone who now wishes to venture into writing and illustrating a book for children, this series has been a priceless form of research and I am really looking forward to the final part on Wednesday this week.

Picture Book Pt3 – BBC4 – 9pm – 19th November

Anita: Gallery Demands

Hi everyone, you may remember me from the recent Breakfast interview. Miranda kindly invited me to be a contributor here and I was most excited to accept. The response to my interview was such a warm and flattering one (Thank you!) and a couple of the responses stirred some emotions in me that I felt would make an interesting subject for my first post here.

Juliet wrote: ‘I love your artwork, especially the wonderful pen and ink, watercolor drawings. They have such charm. In a society where recognition is still largely in the hands of galleries who continue to insist that one’s work be “limited to one or two styles” (quote from a recent gallery rejection), it is especially pleasing to see such a great variety of styles displayed in your work – all so well done and so pleasing to look at. Congratulations, and thank you!’

Juliet’s experience got me all fired up…
I paint with my heart and, as I do, I drift away into my very own piece of Heaven here on Earth. Style, rules, and gallery’s requirements don’t even enter my head. I paint with my changing moods, sketch through my changing days and refuse point blank to be told how to express this by anyone. If that means I remain forever a ‘poor artist’ so be it. In my opinion it would be far poorer for me to sacrifice the one area in my life where I can fly and be totally free from what the rest of the world demands of me. Sometimes we have to keep a little something just for ourselves, for me that something is art and it’s far too precious to me to be compromised by categorisation, cash or someone who believes they have the right to restrict my emotions and dreams. I guess it’s a matter of deciding what your art means to you, it’s such a personal thing.

Miranda wrote:
‘It’s a very interesting question…in the art world, an artist is expected to have a “voice” in the same way that a fiction writer should, correct? Although a writer’s voice can change dramatically from work to work. Hmmm – I need to mull this over some more.’

Miranda is so right, it is an interesting question and I mulled it over too…
My own voice changes, as I grow, as I breathe. My opinions alter as I learn. My approach differs as I discover. My emotions display themselves in a rainbow of colours. I am ever changing, learning, exploring…

A thought then:

If you held the same ‘voice’ through your entire life, would that make you colourful or stagnant…clever or ignorant?

Art, for me, is a personal adventure where I can take risks, pour my heart out, become part of a fantasy and drift. It’s the messy cupboard under the stairs in a world of order, a tardis of magic in a world of restrictions, a mirror where I appear clearer to myself each and every day and to me…
…That’s priceless!

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