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Alissa: One Question that Can Keep Technology from Destroying Your Creativity

I’m sure you’ve sat down at the computer before, one simple, five-minute task in mind, only to come out of a groggy internet fog an hour later with your kids clamoring for attention. Your task may not even be finished and, even worse, the precious few moments of down time you had are now gone. You want more time for creativity, and you need to use the internet simply to get life done, but it’s such a distraction! As technology permeates ever more corners of our lives are we allowing it to be a creative drain?

Recently I was starting to feel lousy and unable to focus. I knew needed some limits around technology, but “don’t use the computer or phone” wouldn’t work. Eventually, I realized, it’s pretty simple. I just need one question to keep technology from destroying my creativity:

What is my intention?

Every time I go to look at a screen I stop myself to ask this.

And I cringe to admit, I have found myself answering things like: “I’m bored.” Or “…Uhhh, I don’t know…”  Oh my gosh! I crave time to myself and I am fiddling it away when I have it!

By asking myself what my intention is, I better utilize my time online. I know I have a tendency to get distracted, so sometimes I’ll write down my intention to help keep me focused. When my intention is something like “socializing” or,“finding kids’ activities,” I try to remember to look at the clock before I begin and give myself the amount of time I can afford to give.

Technology can foster incredible creative work, inspiring connections, and support networks that you simply cannot find locally. It can also be a time suck and creative drain, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep asking, “What is my intention?” and you’ll find more time to allow your creativity to shine.


Alissa Marquess is a homeschooling mom to three kids. She blogs about creating with, for, and in the midst of children at Creative With Kids. Her intention before getting on the computer this evening was to finish writing this article…done!

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Alissa: Centered by Creative Practice

My name is Alissa; I am a mom of three kids, and I want you to know that it is worthwhile exploring your creativity no matter how many loads of laundry you have left, or if you have dishes sitting in the sink. That’s the long and the short of it, really. This is the lesson I am learning and I would like others to join me.

I was lucky to grow up in  a family that always encouraged my creativity. I was the kid whose answer for boredom was, “let’s make something!” I drew, sewed, and crafted my way through grade school. I acted and drew in high school, and tried out costuming and dance in college. Even with all this creating in my life I was headed towards stagnation.

Somehow along the way (maybe just from society at large, I don’t really know…) I got the creativity-killing notion that creativity was only worthwhile if I could make money with it. This stymied me for years after college and into my married life. I fumbled with a few “creative type” businesses during my first couple years parenting, but didn’t get very far. I struggled and felt blocked. Read more

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